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Last edited on: December 10, 2014.

I’m a mom of three boys and three girls. It’s easy to show my girls that I love them. I sit and ask them questions. I listen to them talk, and talk, and talk. I buy them pink nail polish with sparkles. I “get” girls.

It was harder to figure out my boys. When I asked them questions about their day, I could feel their frustration. Once, when I was asking my young adult son about his first day of college, my husband turned to me and said, “Why are you grilling him?”

What? I was just trying to show I was interested. My daughter would have loved to share every detail!

If you’re a mom of older sons it can sometimes be hard to show your love. Here are 15 ideas to do just that!

15 Ways to Show Your Teen Son Your Love

  1. Go on a long drive and just sit side-by-side. Don’t ask any questions; just enjoy the view and wait for him to talk. (It will feel awkward, but I guarantee your son will love the side-by-side time.)
  2. Ask your son about his most recent video game . . . and then just listen.
  3. Make your son’s favorite dinner and let him know you were thinking of him.
  4. Tell your son how proud you are of a good character trait you see in him.
  5. Visit him at his work. Don’t make it a big deal, but just smile and wave.
  6. Invite him to lunch, your treat, at his favorite restaurant.
  7. When you’re at the grocery store, text your son and ask if there’s anything he needs.
  8. Offer to play his favorite board game with him . . . even if you know there’s no chance of you winning, even if you try.
  9. Do his laundry without making a big deal about it.
  10. Stop what you’re doing and really listen the next time he wants to tell you something.
  11. Let your son overhear you talking to someone else and praising one of his accomplishments.
  12. Make snacks for your son and his friends when they’re hanging out at your house.
  13. Buy a book he’s interested in and leave it on his bed with a note.
  14. Show up next time he invites you to do something with him.
  15. Take his problems seriously even when they don’t seem like a big deal to you.

These seem like simple things but you know you’re making a difference when you see your son’s SMILE!

Now, how about you? What are ways you show your teen son that you love him?



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