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Last edited on: December 11, 2014.
What would you do in order to help a friend in need? Dolphin Tale 2 shares the importance of friends, and believing that anything is possible with a little bit of help.
This tale is a continuation from the first, focusing on Winter the Dolphin, who recently got a new and improved prosthetic tail. As much as the tail aids Winter with her new life, she is missing one thing: companionship. Returning in the sequel, Sawyer (Nathan Gamble) and Hazel (Cozi Zuehlsdorff) do whatever it takes to get their dolphin friend what she needs to be her true self.
Sonoma Christian Home got the inside scoop on this encouraging film. Amira Rajput reports.

Cozi Zuelhsdorff as Hazel Haskett in Alcon Entertainment’s family adventure “Dolphin Tale 2,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release.

SCH: How did you both get involved in acting and how does your faith in Christ impact your developing career in the business?
Cozi Zuehlsdorff: Musical theater then commercials, 1st movie Dolphn Tale 1. Faith is my long for my life, everything is impacted by that.

Nathan Gamble: Many years ago I played Brad Pitt’s son in Babel which opened up a lot of doors for me. I was very fortunate to get that and other roles as a result. Like cozi said, you have to use your faith. Its who you are, all this other stuff is a bonus.  If your faith is with you, it’s your life. It’s with you wherever you go.

Nathan Gamble got the opportunity to play with dolphins in this film; Photo courtesy of Wilson Rebel

SCH:You both are home-schooled, correct?  Do you feel being at home vs a public school helps you stay grounded in your faith and if yes, how so?

NG: I was home-schooled but I graduated a couple months ago. Congratulations! You’ll have to celebrate, have you had a party already?  I did, I had a party with my really close friends. We went go carting and paint balling, it was a lot of fun.

CZ: Home-school has protected me from things that I wouldn’t already know about. Wherever you are you become saturated with influences that can corrupt things you hold so dear if you didn’t have temptation. I’m not afraid of temptation but its good to abstain from it whenever you can.

NG: For me, when you’re in regular school, not that its bad, but there are going to be those distractions that can stray you from the path.  For this reason, homeschooling was important to me.  I also have great sisters and parents that keep me strong in my faith.

Nathan Gamble and Cozi Zuehlsdorff squirt water into the mouth the star of the movie, Winter; Photo courtesy of Wilson Webb

SCHDo you think being home-schooled then has made it harder to interact in the real world which is filled with temptation?

NG: Not really, you’re more aware of when you’re outside of your boundaries.

CZ: No. Its better because you build a strong foundation at home that prepares you, especially in the industry that’s ‘not so salty’ [Matthew 5:13 reference]

Cozi Zeuhlsdorff as Hazel Haskett and Nathan Gamble as Sawyer Nelson in Alcon Entertainment’s family adventure “Dolphin Tale 2,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release; Photo courtesy of Wilson Webb

SCH: What impacted you the most in this sequel? Were there any funny moments or positive memories that lasting impression on you?

NG: The kids and wounded veterans and people who were inspired by Winter enabled me to help inspire everyone else.

CZ: Oh yeah, our goal is to tell beautiful stories to inspire people.  Its so cool to be involved in this project like Dolphin Tale Series where there’s no negativity.  We made sure everything we did in the movie was something they could learn from.

In the movie, Sawyer helps train Winter and takes care of her; Photo courtesy of Wilson Webb

In the movie, Sawyer helps train Winter and takes care of her; Photo courtesy of Wilson Webb

SCH: And in playing these roles, what did you both learn about  yourselves?  I believe God purposely brings us roles to help us personally so we can grow in Christ-likeness.

CZ: If I wanted to not be treated like a child, than I shouldn’t act like a child. If you want to gain respect, you have to be respectful.

NG:  Sawyer had to make these big adult decisions in life and his mom, played by Ashley Judd said, “Sometimes in life you gotta just make a decision.” I definitely use this in my own life hoping it leads me down the right path.

The official poster of “Dolphin Tale 2”; Photo courtesy of Wilson Webb

SCH: Cozi, we discovered you enjoy music and singing as well.  Are there other areas in both of your lives you’d like to incorporate into your film careers?

NG: I like to consider myself an average athlete, I’d love to play baseball or football in an upcoming role.

CZ: Oh man Nathan, you’d be such a great lead in a sports movie!

Nathan Gamble as Sawyer Nelson in Alcon Entertainment’s family adventure “Dolphin Tale 2,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release; Photo courtesy of Wilson Webb

SCH: Are there any future projects or interests you’d like to get involved in as a result of Dolphin’s Tale 2?

NG: I’ve been doing a lot of drama and I really what to play a funny role.

CZ: Nathan is really funny and he’s really never gotten a chance to play a funny part. The audience would be like, “What?! Nathan is hilarious I had no idea!”

NG: Awe, thanks Cozi! [laughter]

Nathan Gamble and Winter have a blast playing with one another; Photo courtesy of Wilson Webb

SCH: Do people usually provide with you scripts? Or do you actively pursue roles and/or do you pray about particular roles you’re interested in and wait for the manifestation of your prayers in the natural realm as a result of God’s grace working with your faith?

CZ: Most people assume roles come your way.  It all depends. We keep plugging along and it was really helpful being a part of this inspiring project.  I can’t talk about it much but I am writing an EP [extended play music record] coming out this fall and have a strong recurring role in Mighty Men for Disney’s XD.

NG: I was just a part of CSI as a guest star which was really cool.

SCH: What advice would you give to other children and teens pursuing an acting career, taking God and faith in Him into consideration?

NG: The biggest piece of advice is having passion, give it 100% and develop tough skin.  Don’t dwell on the negativity.

CZ: Never go into acting because you want to be famous.  You go to change the world in a small way.



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