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Last edited on: November 15, 2014.

I’ve heard enough!!  Just letting you know I am officially on my stylish soapbox right now!!  When talking with potential clients or working with them on building a wardrobe, I hear this so often I wanted to make a loving and encouraging commentary!!  “I want to lose weight before I work on my wardrobe.” To begin with, I really DO get the thinking there, but consider this:  Your Body Silhouette is only ONE element of many when it comes to your wardrobe.

You may already know that the Wardrobe Rx philosophy is one of taking care of yourself mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually and then the clothing is the fashionable icing on the cake!

When a client (or potential client) says THAT to me, I respond by asking her if she is currently taking action with a healthy diet and exercise.  She may respond, “I’m gonna… or I’m thinking about….” At that point I will challenge her to make the choice of either taking action to change her diet and exercise habits or learn to accept and love herself as she is.  More often than not, she will rise to the challenge!

Of course we want her to take those healthy actions, right?

Either way I ask her to consider it an INVESTMENT in her to purchase a fabulous outfit that fits her current shape!  An outfit that  makes her feel awesome!  Often times, the action of treating herself and knowing that she has this yummy outfit will increase her confidence and give her momentum for wanting to continue or even begin the healthy regime.

In the meantime… she can begin wearing her best colors, dress to flatter her shape, accessorize to bring the unique out in her and SASS things up as she works towards the healthy shape she wants!

Ok… climbing down off the soapbox, sitting on it and looking you straight in the eye as a friend!!

Is it time for you to take actions towards a healthy lifestyle and total beauty?  Contact a nutritionist?  Begin walking with a friend?

Think of this… you can begin now and by the next time you receive our EZINE, you can be well on you way towards improved health!!  BIG HUGS as you are on your journey!  I’m on it with YOU!


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