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Last edited on: December 11, 2014.

When you think of your image what comes to mind?  Your reputation?  How you are perceived by others?  How you dress?  All of those are true and…

Image, by definition means, a representation of the external form of a person or thing in art. Each of us is a work of God’s art. His masterpiece one of His unique brushstrokes. A Woman’s True Beauty is Defined by God’s Brushstrokes.

The foundation of your image begins with your spiritual life.  In creation, God brought forth light first and ultimately He created each of us in His image.  Are you reflecting God’s light through your image?  In other words, does your image shine God’s love?

Last August, I was in Canada speaking to a room of 750 women.  I asked them to raise their hands if they felt their own inner light.  About half of the hands went up.  Once I reminded them that each woman illuminated in her own way, I posed the question again.  All hands this time.  Then I asked, “How many of you feel your light is brighter than you actually show?”  Every hand went up, including mine.  We’re all God’s work in progress.

When it comes to your image, it’s not enough to wear the latest styles and stand up tall.  When your inner game is in alignment with your outer game, theres a sense of solidly standing in who you are as a woman of faith.  Take time each day with the Lord, practice kindness and compassion, serve others and smile big.  You’ll light up a room, no matter what you’re wearing.



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