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Last edited on: January 23, 2015.

Drew Haninger is pleased to announce that his website has quickly made an unprecedented name for themselves within the Youtube community. The innovative faith-based website is dedicated to providing engaging content relating to prayer and Bible study. In late October of last year, the Animated Faith Youtube channel launched its official social media platforms and have since gained a wide following.

The Animated Faith Youtube channel was also launched in October and has since gained over 35,000 views and 165 followers. The channel offers views 35 videos, including 14 music videos, and 7 Christmas music videos. Drew Haninger has written 9 of the featured songs. The Animated Faith videos cover a variety of devotional topics such as; prayers, prayer tips, faith practices, encouragement, and animated cartoons. The videos are suitable for viewers of all ages and offer fun yet informative content.

The Animated Faith concept was created by Drew Haninger, who is also the founder of Olive Tree Bible Software. Olive Tree is an electronic publisher of Bibles, study tools, and Christian e-books headquartered in Spokane, Washington. Drew Haninger has been in the bible technology and electronic publishing industries for over 16 years. Throughout the last 40 years of his life, Haninger has dedicated himself to studying the Bible, and enjoys providing devotional-based content to the public. He is also a noted author on Amazon and an inspirational leader.

Through Animated Faith and Olive Tree, Drew Haninger hopes to encourage individuals to lead a Christian lifestyle during the information age. His efforts can be seen through his music, articles, and devotional content all based online. When asked where Bible software will be heading in the future, Drew Haninger said the following; “Historically, God’s Word was presented orally, then in writing, next in a printed format, and now electronically. Only God knows what is next.”



To find out more information about Animated Faith and their successful Youtube account, visit the website directly at

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