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Erica Galindo
Celebrating Food, Faith and Family
Last edited on: March 12, 2015.
 When I was in elementary school, we would celebrate the 4th of July at the country club. Hot and dry, it was a day I looked forward to almost as much as Christmas. We’d pack our bags and spend the day swimming, eating hot dogs and playing games. And when I say “pack our bags,” I mean a beach towel and flip flops from Sav-on. Growing up in the 60’s, no one wore goggles and no one used sun screen.

The highlight of the day was diving for money in the Olympic sized pool. Real money. Nickels in the shallow end, dimes in the middle, and quarters in the deep end — 12 feet deep! Big kids couldn’t compete in the shallow end, but if you could make it to the bottom, you could go anywhere else.

The deep end of the pool.I don’t remember how the competition began, but I’m sure a whistle blew and off we went. I was a good swimmer and could hold my breath for a long time, so it was the deep end for me. Kicking hard to make it 12 feet down, I grabbed fistfuls of quarters. Then up for air, and down for more. I continued to dive until the riches at the bottom were gone.

And I was good at this. I was competing against the teenagers for those precious quarters. Not quite passive income, but easy income, nonetheless. Handfuls of quarters. Tremendous. Such a feeling of accomplishment. Afterwards, sitting on my towel and gasping for breath, I counted my loot a quarter at a time.

This memory swept into my mind the other day and I thought . . .

Where am I diving these days? And for what?

All of life is a choice and we get to decide daily what we’ll be diving for.

Are we going for the easy money — the nickels, so little effort . . . just a short reach.

Or maybe the dimes, a bit more effort . . . but we have to be willing to get our hair wet and let the mascara run.

But the quarters . . . this is Effort with a capital E. We come prepared. No make-up, hair in a ponytail, and a swim suit that won’t malfunction as we make the dive to and from the deepest part of the pool.

Only the hardiest and the bravest attempt the quarters.

Only those willing to sacrifice comfort and appearance make the deep dive.

Only those who trust their skill and experience, believing they can compete with the big kids, kick hard to the bottom where the treasure lays.

Where are you diving? What are you diving for?

147399_deep_endIt’s easy to dive deep for the treasure that keeps our bodies, our minds, our homes, our children, our cars, and our influence strong and in good running order.

But what about our spiritual lives? Do we dive deep daily for the treasure that feeds our souls? That matures us as followers of Jesus? That deepens our love for God and our neighbor?

Let’s take the plunge into the deep end of our spiritual journey and gather the treasure that nourishes and strengthens our souls.

  • Be in the Word daily.

  • Attend a weekly bible study where you can connect to God and others in community.

  • Get back in the habit of attending church every Sunday.

You’re on the edge. Where will you dive today?

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