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Last edited on: April 15, 2015.

How do you learn to grow trust in God?

1. Let go of your idea of how things should happen. God’s ways are not our ways. And how He chooses to show up will be different—greater—than we can expect. Most of the time we will not get what we want. Instead, we’ll get a greater revelation of who Jesus is.

2. Turn to God in prayer, even when you doubt (especially when you doubt). Talk to Jesus as simply as Martha did. There’s no need for fancy words. Tell him that you feel you got the wrong end of the stick, but then tell Him that you know that He’s going to make all the difference.

3. Ask others to tell you their God-stories or read Christian biographies. Everyone goes through tests or trials, yet God never forsakes those who love Him. Hearing how God has shown up in someone else’s life can give you hope.

4. Thank God for what He’s already done. Be grateful for all that you have. You might not have everything you want, but God has taken care of you in numerous ways.

5. Reach out to another person. Ask God to show you who needs encouragement. Giving of yourself to others will put everything into perspective. Also, when you allow God’s love to pour through you, you’ll also get filled up in the process!

6. Strive to see things through God’s eternal perspective. This world is not our home. The problems of this earth are not our fate. Even if life never is easy, God is good. More than that, He’s preparing a place for you, where you will be with Him for eternity.

Life will never turn out how you expect, and aren’t you thankful? As you walk through dark days, you won’t be walking through it alone . . . and you’ll discover Jesus Christ in new ways!

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