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Last edited on: April 19, 2015.

On April 17, according to Mojo Box Office,  the following good family and/or redemptive movies with their current box office rankings (some which have been in theaters for weeks and months) are still available in movie theaters: 3. “Home,” 6. “Cinderella,” 11. “Do You Believe?” 14. “McFarland,” 15. “Beyond the Mask,” 22. “The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water,” 23. “Paddington,” 27. “Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb,” 31. ‘Selma,” and more. Movie theaters continue to offer good movie picks in April. The ongoing Reformation of content and Renaissance of artistry continues (See Movieguide® for specific details as to acceptability and quality.)  On April 17, according to Fandango. newly released family movies in theaters are “Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2″ and “Monkey Kingdom.” Due in movie theaters next week is the highly anticipated family movie “Little Boy.”


Family film Cinderella is still in theaters; Photo Courtesy of Disney Studios.

There are many good movie choices for inter-generational family groups in theaters in the ongoing Reformation of content and Renaissance of artistry in movies. Enjoy a positive and pleasant evening out with family at the local movie theater and be assured that patronizing a good movie is a vote and support for more good movies to come.

In this writer’s ongoing personal, exclusive interviews and communication with top leaders in family and redemptive movie productionresearch, and coverage (Movieguide®Sonoma Christian HomeMovie to MovementPure FlixMentanoia Films, Burns Family Studios and many more), it is clear that more and more good family and redemptive movies are in progress and that positive consumer patronage and support is making a difference.

Family movie Little Boy is coming to theaters next week; Photo Courtesy of Metanoia Films.

Family movie Little Boy is coming to theaters next week; Photo Courtesy of Metanoia Films.

In the months ahead watch for other good family and redemptive movies such as “Where Hope Grows,” “Woodlawn,” “Faith of our Fathers,” “War Room,” “Unveiled,” “God’s not Dead 2,” “Do You Believe 2,” “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair,” a new “Ben-Hur,” a new “Ten Commandments,” a movie about King David, a movie about Paul (with Hugh Jackman) and many more. Stay tuned for ongoing personal, exclusive interviews with producers and actors for these films and for good television programs.


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