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Last edited on: May 25, 2015.

Prayer Never Fails, a new faith-based film that supports freedom of religion in American schools, will begin shooting July 6, 2015 in Madison, Florida.

Prayer Never Fails, which tells the story of a high school basketball coach that is fired for praying with a player, is a timely film, which explores issues of faith, prayer, and freedom of religion. It covers all topics that permeate headlines and struggles of the heart,” according to Los Angeles based Producer, Scott Seegmiller.

Despite the fact that Florida has not renewed it’s tax credit program, the production team has decided to shoot in Madison, Florida. Seegmiller, has recently launched a fundraising campaign on to raise $100,000 in twenty days to offset losing tax credits and to give people the opportunity to get behind this amazing message.

“Film is about building long lasting relationships, memories, and emotions that stand the test of time and we chose to shoot this film in Madison, Florida because the entire city was so welcoming… its culture demonstrates a true love for cinema. But in doing so, we will lose the tax credit benefits that shooting elsewhere would have provided,” according to Wes Miller, the lawyer turned Writer-Director.

“Our goal with this Prayer Never Fails is to spread the message that religious freedom and expression should include the ability to pray anywhere we go, even at school,” said Seegmiller. “This film is designed to open the hearts of lawmakers and educators and encourage people to join in the discussion to protect our religious freedoms,” noted Miller, who strongly believes schools are battle grounds for children’s souls.

Persons supporting the film project will have an opportunity to get involved with the production of the film. “From pre-buying a copy of the movie, buying a gift for a coach that has helped them out, to being an extra or an Executive Producer on the film. It’s a rare opportunity to be part of a film from the ground up,” pointed out Seegmiller.

“If you believe in the importance of prayer, and more so, if you believe that teachers shouldn’t have to forget their faith when they check-in for work, then Prayer Never Fails is a movie for you,” said Miller. After all, the only thing necessary for good to triumph over evil is for good men and women to do something.


To make a pledge visit, Prayer Wins

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