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Last edited on: June 4, 2015.

This week, a good pick for families and teenagers is Beyond the Mask, coming out in a wider theatrical release after months in theaters with limited release. It is exciting to see how consumers have kept the movies they like in theaters far beyond the expectations of some movie critics. They have even enabled some movies that critics have panned to climb surprisingly in box office rankings and success over time. As consumers share with their friends, families, and social network connections their enthusiasm for their favorite movies with family values, they use their power for social, cultural, and eternal good.

Beyond the mask

Beyond the Mask is the film to see this weekend; Photo Courtesy of Burns Family Studios.

However, some top box office movies at this time may appeal to kids but are not appropriate for families of young children. Buyers must beware of titles or movie posters that look appealing to children but may not have stories that are appropriate for them.

Fortunately, many good movies for families and more have continued in theaters for many weeks and even months in some cases.  Savvy consumers, whose ticket sales influence Hollywood and independent studios like votes in an election, are making a difference. Over many years, research has shown that family-friendly movies stay in theaters longer and make more money over time, which in turn promotes the production of family-friendly, intergenerational movies.

Avengers: Age of Ultron may appeal to children but is not appropriate for younger audiences; Photo Courtesy of Marvel Studios.

Avengers: Age of Ultron may appeal to children but is not appropriate for much younger audiences; Photo Courtesy of Marvel Studios.

On June 1, Mojo Box Office showed that some of the best redemptive family movies available in theaters include the following, listed with current box office rankings: 5. Avengers: Age of Ultron, 9. Home, 11. Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2, 15. Where Hope Grows (up from last week), 20. Little Boy (up from last week) 26. Paddington (up from last week even after months in theaters), 30. Do You Believe (up from last week even after many weeks in theaters), and 25. When Marnie Was There (up from last week).

Moviegoers need to check reviews for guidance as to age acceptability for these family movies. Some, like Paddington and Home, are great for children, while others are not appropriate for kids but are fine for teenagers, adults, or multi-generational families with youths.

Family Movie Little Boy still holds strong in box offices; Photo Courtesy of Metanoia Films.

Family movie Little Boy still holds strong in box offices; Photo Courtesy of Metanoia Films.

From ongoing private screenings and interviews with producers, directors, and actors of leading family and redemptive movies, it is clear that there are many more good movies with family values on the horizon. Stay tuned.


Written by Diane Howard, Ph.D. (Performance Studies) –


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