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Last edited on: June 20, 2015.

The final episode, ‘Jerusalem at War,’ in the television series A.D. The Bible Continues, includes the captivating conversion of Cornelius and the escalating threat to the Temple. It continues in high stakes intensity to the ultimate high, cliff-hanging point that leaves viewers intensely hoping and praying for coming news of a 2nd season of A.D. The Bible Continues.

This has been a series that has raised the bar in storytelling and filmmaking. It has been a powerful picturization of the events of Acts in an accurate setting that encouraged viewers to study the history and cultures of the time. Even more importantly, the series has encouraged viewers to study the Bible itself, like the Bereans, who as the Bible has described were of more noble character and examined the Scriptures to see if what was said was true.

 2nd Season of A.D.

Tabitha is alive thanks to Peter (Adam Levy) and the power of the Spirit; Photo Courtesy of Lightworkers Media.

In connection with the A.D. series, NBC’s Natalie Morales has said, “God is the biggest star in Hollywood right now.” Further the Biblical Jesus Christ has been on the cover and online of T.V. Guide in a double feature. The triune God has been the biggest star in Hollywood in movies and television.

June 19, Dr. David Jeremiah provides ongoing support for the A.D. series that has provided ongoing layers of auxiliary teaching tools to assist viewers as they read and study the Bible, the history of the first century, and the cultures of the times. Each Sunday morning in preparation for evening episodes, viewers have been able to see and hear Dr. David Jeremiah teach verse by serve through the Biblical Book of Acts.

Dr. Jeremiah’s program began the first week with a beautiful interview with Roma Downey and Mark Burnett. Roma shared her journey with Christian, faith-based television that started with the series Touched By Angel. She told how on that series she and her colleagues would hold hands and pray before each episode that the God’s Holy Spirit would take their work and move it through the television to the viewers to draw them to the Lord. She then told how her journey has continued with Mark Burnett with The Bible Series, movie Son of GodA.D. The Bible Continues and more. Mark shared how unfortunately, even Christians “eat their own” and look for errors in the Biblical foundation of their work; but both Roma and Mark assured, as they have over and over, that they have sought diligently to accurately present the Biblical accounts and history.

jodhi may

Wife of High Priest Caiaphas (Richard Coyle), Leah is an influential noblewoman, the daughter of ex-High Priest Annas (Ken Bones); Photo Courtesy of NBC.

On June 19, A.D. staff share a preview video of the panel discussion Beyond A.D., for the final episode of A.D. on June 21. Each Sunday viewers have been able to view Beyond A.D., the first-ever NBC Entertainment Digital talk show companion series. Hosted by Jason Kennedy, the half-hour segment has provided discussion panels made up of the following: cast, producers, celebrities, and musical guests. Beyond A.D. has covered historical and spiritual topics depicted in the episodes. This companion program has been designed to provide more insights about the Biblical history of the early church and Book of Acts.

A.D. The Bible Continues began on Easter Sunday as tens of millions of viewers watched the premiere, first episode of the series A.D. on NBC. Before the first installment of A.D. Natalie Morales of Dateline interviewed Roma Downey and Mark Burnett in an hour segment that included a fascinating overview of Roma’s and Mark’s personal history and the making of A.D. On Easter Day, this first episode of the twelve part series was the top-rated television program.

Bible scholars from a broad range of denominations have been supporting the series. In their many visits to churches of various denominations and ethnic cultures, Downey and Burnett have listened to and heeded the feedback and advice they have received from pastors and church leaders about the production.

 2nd Season of A.D.

Philip (Joe Dixon) is on a mission for the Spirit; Photo Courtesy of Lightworkers Media.

Mark Burnett, who has produced this exceptional series with his wife, Roma Downey, has said, “…Hollywood and faith are not strangers to each other… At least 90 million American Christians attend church each Sunday. It’s a mainstream community…and the core values of this enormous community are centered around Jesus, whose story they are hungry to see told on TV and in films. We have seen this hunger for Christian content again and again as we have traveled around our nation…

“We have worshipped with almost all denominations, from the oldest African-American church in Washington, D.C., to Hispanic charismatic communities in Miami and Chicago… The global Christian audience…[is] a community that we are grateful to be part of. It’s a community that will be in your corner and cheer you along as long as you don’t pander to them, you are authentic, and you don’t mess around with their (His) story. Content that tries to disprove Christianity tends to fail, content that alters what Christians believe is “God’s story” tends to fall short, but content that honors that story tends to be well-received…”

On June 19, Roma Downey shares the following with her supporters about the final episode, “Next up on A.D. The Bible Continues: Jerusalem at war…The arrival of Caligula’s statue divides the Jews, engenders violence. Peter (Adam Levy) has an important vision, the Roman Centurion Cornelius’ (Will Thorpe) conversion and baptism by Peter. Sunday, June 21st 9/8c on NBC.” Throughout the weeks of this series Roma has posted preview and review videos, updates, and extra educational information for the series.


Written by Diane Howard, Ph.D. (Performance Studies),

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