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Last edited on: June 12, 2015.

One morning last month I was lamenting over how cold-hearted I had been at church.  I have a new responsibility on Sundays and all I could think about that one holy morning was getting the task done. Sweet people were brushed off.  Questions were asked without caring about the one I was asking.  I was in a hurry!  In a big way!  My job needed to be done and people were slowing me down!  Really, the nerve of some!  Don’t they know that I am important and have an important job to do!?

My devotional broke through the prideful log jam in my heart:

“You are to feel plenty.  The storehouses of God are full to overflowing.  Think thoughts of plenty.  See yourselves as daughters of the King.  Pray plenty for yourselves, and all you care for and long to help.”

My scarcity mentality was whispering to my heart and mind that there wasn’t enough.  I must hoard what I have. God is not faithful.  It’s up to me to manage my resources so I don’t run out of time, money, effort, energy.  And definitely, don’t let people get in the way of your job!  (Wow, how ugly does this sound.)

The scarcity mentality = another lie of the enemy.

God’s storehouses are full to overflowing.  He is the Father of plenty and I am His daughter.  Any job/task/responsibility He calls me to do, He will give me exactly what I need to do it  – ALL OF IT – without sacrificing love.  Without brushing off those who love me.  Without ignoring those who might need a minute of my time.  Without hurrying past a friend who might have a word from the Lord for me.

God is the God of Enough.  Enough.  There will always be enough in the economy of the Kingdom.

A commercial came to my mind as I was processing these thoughts.

That SUV commercial with the couple commenting on how glad they are that this SUV of theirs has great gas mileage AND good looks.   How glad they are that they didn’t have to choose between great gas mileage OR good looks.  And then they ruminate over what it would be like to have to choose between: sweet or sour; bed or breakfast; hide or seek; nuts or bolts.  It’s actually kind of funny in a “duh” kind of way.

The call on the life of a Christ follower is to Love God AND Love Others.  Not Love God OR Love Others.

He will not assign us a task or send us to a work in which we must choose to love one OR the other.  We are to Love God AND Love Others and He will give us all we need to do both.


Therefore, as I passionately pursue this life of faith, I need to settle in my mind and constantly act out what God has told me over and over:

There Is Plenty!

There is plenty for me and all who I care for and long to help.  God calls me to live in the full understanding and satisfaction that I can do a good job AND love people well.

Not or, but and. AND.  Always AND!

Serving God faithfully with all my heart, soul, mind and strength AND showing myself to be a disciple as I love kindly and patiently and joyously.  Even when I am busy.  Even when there is a job that must be done.  Even when time is running short.  God is Enough and He has given me enough, exceedingly, abundantly above all I could ever hope for or imagine.

I am the daughter of the King!

There is plenty in the Kingdom!

The King’s storehouses are full!

I can Love God AND Love others!


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