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Last edited on: July 23, 2015.

What if the end of life was really only the beginning?  When Don Piper smashed his car into an oncoming semi truck, it seemed as though his life was over.  In fact, it was . . . for ninety minutes.  Then, through the miraculous power of God, he returned with a tale of a place we can’t even imagine.

Based on the bestselling book, 90 Minutes in Heaven tells the true story of Don and Eva Piper and their journeys to overcome impossible odds to survive and thrive with the help of God.  This incredible film comes from Family Christian Entertainment, and it stars Hayden Christensen & Kate Bosworth and is adapted and directed by Michael Polish.  Catch this exclusive first look at the film, including interviews with the Pipers and the filmmakers, and be sure to catch 90 Minutes in Heaven coming to theaters this fall!


For more on this movie, check out ’90 Minutes In Heaven’ Starring Hayden Christensen & Kate Bosworth.

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