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Last edited on: September 24, 2015.

Ashley Smith is recovering from a drug addiction, trying to put her life back together for her own sake and for her daughter.  The one thing that keeps her going is the book The Purpose-Driven Life, given to her by a friend.  And when escaped convict and killer Brian Nichols takes her captive as he evades police and tries to reach out to his newborn son, that book may well be the one thing that keeps her alive.  Through its words and the reminders of Scriptural promises in its pages, the two will grow closer together and discover that even their broken lives can be made beautiful again.

Starring Kate Mara and David Oyelowo, Captive tells the incredible true story of God’s plan for two people despite their worst mistakes.  Catch this hope-filled film from Paramount Studios now entering its second week in theaters!


For more on Captive, check out our interview with Brian Bird!

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