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Last edited on: July 20, 2015.

Just because a movie or television show is an funny, animated fantasy does not make it appropriate for children,  Steven D. Greydanus for CRUX compares the story arcs in many recent, popular, animated theater movies for families and shows that Pixar movies have had a history to-date of more redemptive themes and stories.

On July 9, Mojo Box Office reveals that Inside Out by Pixar is number one at the box office. Home by Dreamworks is also still in theaters and is number 7 of the top-grossing movies of 2015 to-date, according to Mojo Box Office. These two movies are better current choices in theaters for quality and acceptability for children and families than The Minions (funny but villainous little side-kicks from Despicable Me movies) that is released to theaters for July 10.

On July 9, critics that have previewed and reviewed The Minions have panned it. This franchise extension has been distributed by Universal Studios (also known as Universal Pictures), which is known for its r-rated raunchy, perverse movies filled with violence and foul language such as Fifty Shades of Grey and Ted movies. The Minions movie does not have the redemptive themes and content of the earlier Despicable Me movies.

Movieguide states “Minions finds three of the little yellow fellows seeking an evil villain to serve after they lose another master. Unlike the Despicable Me movies, Minions stays despicable and glorifies crime, villains and violence.”

Although Pixar (now produces Disney animated movies) and other Disney family movies have had stories with redemptive content and themes, does not recommend all Pixar and Disney movies for all ages. They recommend Inside Out for families with youths 12 and over and Home by Dreamworks for all ages. Parents and supervisors  should research and must read reviews that factor in stages of development in children and other issues related to healthy development of children and youth.

Today there is much toxic material in media disguised as funny entertainment for families. Fortunately, the trend and thread of the Renaissance of artistry and Reformation of content also continues. Moviegoers must do their homework before seeing movies to sort out the good from the bad regardless of clever and enticing marketing, especially for children and youths.


Written by Diane Howard, Ph.D. (Performance Studies),

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