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Last edited on: October 13, 2015.

Ongoing market research reveals the staying power of good family and redemptive movies.  Surfing television channels or skimming movie posters, does not give a clear picture of what the public is watching. tracks viewing choices across all platforms and reports them weekly. As Mojo Box Office daily tracks public choices at cinema box offices, tracks and reports DVD choices daily.

Overall and for the long haul, good family and redemptive movies are the most successful and long-lasting. With universal themes, artistic family and redemptive movies perform well across the globe and stand best the test of time. This why when the comprehensive picture of current movie making and viewing is seen, it is clear that the Renaissance of artistry and Reformation of content is continuing and prevailing.

Family and redemptive movies remain the top DVD picks. On October 13, reports that the movie Max is the top-selling DVD in the Family category. Also, on October 13, Cinderella is announced for release to Netflix for October 14 and is still one of the top-selling DVDs in the Family, Adventure, and Fantasy categories, after many months in theaters and on sale on DVD.

Warner Bros. Pictures.

‘Pan’ is a recently released family-friendly film; Photo Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures.

Further, Pan that has just been released in theaters is already a top-selling Family DVD in pre-order. Ant-Man continues as a top-selling Family DVD in the Action and Sci-Fi categories. War Room continues in pre-order as the top-selling DVD in the African American and Drama categories. Family movie When Marnie Was There is the top-selling DVD in the Foreign category. Pixar’s Family Inside Out continues as the top-selling DVD in the Animation category. Family movie Monkey Kingdom continues as a top-selling DVD in the Documentary category. McFarland is the top-selling DVD in Sports.

The family and redemptive movie, Woodlawn, that comes out in theaters this week is also already a top-selling DVD in pre-order in the Sports category. Redemptive movie Unbroken continues as a top-selling DVD in the War/Army category. gives a breadth of information for these DVDS and others: release dates, where to rent and buy, ratings, studios, actors, directors and more. Sonoma Christian Home provides valuable reviews, interviews, trailers and more for these movies and more.


‘Unbroken’ continues as a top-selling DVD; Photo Courtesy of Legendary Pictures.

All of these movies are good choices for personal, family, and public libraries. Socially responsible consumer support continues to make a difference is what is being produced today for theaters, streaming, and DVDs. Consumers can recommend in libraries and on online library sites these movies and others like them for library acquisitions and holdings.

Libraries want to know what the public wants. Consumers can also influence what is produced and what is purchased or rented in the following ways: give online feedback, write simple online reviews, visit the pages of such movies on IMDb (Internet Movie Database), support these kinds of movies in social networks and more.  Voices and Votes largely determine what is produced and maintained.


Written by Diane Howard, Ph.D. (Performance Studies), Ph.D.,

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