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Last edited on: October 8, 2015.

Some of the best programming today is available on both television and streaming sources. PBS, for example provides for both. On September 24, PBS, presents live streaming with a news report online of the Pope’s speech to the U.S. Congress, while at the same time providing its regular children’s programming on television. offers good programming for families on television and streaming that includes the following fine artistic and educational series: Great Performances, Masterpiece, American Masters, American Experience, Pioneers of Television, Live from Lincoln Center, National Parks, Sesame Street, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Curious George, Arthur and more.

Some of the best content provided today has included the presidential debates and the Pope’s many speeches and homilies during his American visits, as he has referenced the Bible and addressed vital issues: prayer, opening our hearts to the Jesus’ knocking there, compassion, mercy, support of marriage and families, care for children and the unborn, importance of religious liberty, and much more.

children under eight

“Inside Out” is a fun animated film that’s perfect for the whole family; Photo Courtesy of Pixar.

Sonoma Christian Home provides valuable support for families looking for good programming in multiple formats. Its leading professional reviewers of redemptive family content provide commentary on movies and television programs, both through streaming and television sources.

Sonoma Christian Home also provides rich support for families in terms of videos and wonderful quotations with excellent graphics from the best in the industry on all major social media outlets and on this website.

Roma Downey has a passion for bringing the Bible to the screen; Photo courtesy of NBC.

Roma Downey & husband Mark Burnett have brought the Bible to the screen in multiple family-friendly shows; Photo courtesy of NBC.

Streaming services today offer both current and past television series. Netflix now streams such famous shows as Mash, The Wonder Years, Friday Night Lights and other appropriate (and inappropriate) programs. lists by category programs that are now streaming on Netflix: 50 tv shows, 25 documentaries, 100+ movies and more.

Hallmark, long known for its wonderful family programming, also provides its family and holiday programs and series by the best of producers, writers, and directors (Michael Landon Jr. and Brian Bird, When Calls the Heart; Martha Williamson, Touched by an Angel, Signed. Sealed, Delivered). On the Hallmark Channel website, viewers can see streaming of interviews and previews of their programs.

Lori Loughlin as Abigail Stanton, offering help to the miners of her town. Photo courtesy of The Hallmark Channel.

Lori Loughlin as Abigail Stanton, offering help to the miners of her town in ‘When Calls the Heart’; Photo courtesy of The Hallmark Channel.

Today programs that may seem today appropriate are not necessarily suitable. Reading reviews by knowledgeable, experienced, trained, as well as moral media professionals before watching tv programs or movies is more important than ever today.

This is because our world has become desensitized to much evil that is both subtle and overt. Today there is a great deal of moral confusion, lack of ethics, and dearth of integrity. Even renowned actors, directors, and producers have expressed concern that our country and world today has lost its moral compass.

changing hollywood

John Rhys-Davies (shown here in ‘Beyond the Mask’) is one of many outstanding actors who have commented on the moral state of American entertainment; Photo Courtesy of Burns Family Studios.

Television and movies leave a lifetime imprint for good or bad on the memories, hearts, and souls of viewers. This is particularly significant for the minds of youth whose brains do not fully develop until they are 25. What viewers see and think affects their actions and behavior. What they see can inspire them to great good or to dire destructive behavior.

Fortunately, today among many sources for good and bad choices, there are many sources of good, uplifting, inspiring entertainment and programming. There are also valuable sources of reviews to lead viewers to make the best choices. What viewers choose can make all the difference.


Written by Diane Howard, Ph.D. (Performance Studies),

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