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Last edited on: October 22, 2015.

Ongoing market research gives a clear and encouraging picture of what movies consumers are paying to watch on screens of all sizes across all platforms.  On DVD provides statistical reports daily for DVD sales. On October 21, On DVD reveals that War Room (in pre-order) continues as the top-selling DVD in the Drama and African American categories. Woodlawn (recently released in theaters and available in pre-order on DVD) is also a top-selling DVD in the African American and Sports categories.  War Room and Inside Out continue as two of the all-around, top-selling DVDs, even though they are in pre-order. Ant-man is a top-selling DVD in the Action and Sci-Fi categories.

According to On, Cinderella remains a top-selling DVD in the Adventure. Family, and Fantasy categories. Inside Out continues as the top-selling DVD in Animation.  Monkey Kingdom and Batkid Begins continue as top-selling DVDS in the Documentary category. Max is the top-selling DVD in the Family category. The Hobbit 3: The Battle of the Five Armies is a top-selling DVD in the Fantasy category. When Marnie Was There remains a top-selling DVD in the Foreign category. McFarland, continues as a top-selling DVD in Sports. These DVDs are all good choices for various ages as redemptive and family movies.

Only market, statistical research, such as what On DVD gives a complete picture of what the public is paying for to watch and own. tracks viewing choices across all platforms and reports them weekly. Mojo Box Office daily tracks public choices at cinema box offices. Daily, On DVD tracks and reports DVD choices. For the long run, good family and redemptive movies are the most successful.

With classic, universal themes, artistic family and redemptive movies perform well across the world and have staying power across all platforms. When market research is studied and a comprehensive picture of current movie making and viewing is seen, it is clear that the Renaissance of artistry and Reformation of content is persisting and prevailing. Some of the classic elements of movies such as these that enable them to stand the test of time are the following: universal story and characters, multi-dimensional characters who grow and develop over time, engaging acting even in the most subtle moments, redemptive themes, use of the unexpected, skillful use of language with no extraneous dialogue, believable dialogue and dialects, captivating cinematography, start early and end late (no extraneous movement or footage), impacting and memorable endings and more.

On DVD gives expansive information for DVDS: release dates, where to rent and buy, ratings, studios, actors, and directors. Further, Sonoma Christian Home provides for movies delivered on various platforms the following: valuable reviews, interviews, trailers and more.

Christian announces their line-up for VOD (video on demand) movies with their stories and trailers. Christian Cinema also reports their top-selling DVDs in the following order: War Room (in pre-order), Faith Of Our Fathers, Love Comes Softly, Do You Believe, Alone Yet Not Alone, Beyond The Mask, Before All Others, Return to the Hiding Place. Along with stories and trailers of movies now available on DVD. Christian reports David and Goliath, a live action movie recently in theaters, is now available on DVD. Director Tim Chey in an exclusive interview with The Christian Post says that the project is “biblically correct in every way.”  The film shot in Morocco and was in process for eleven years.

All of these movies are good selections for individual, family, and public libraries. Socially responsible consumer support continues to affect what is produced today for cinemas, streaming, and DVDs. Consumers recommend for libraries movies such as these for library acquisitions and holdings. Libraries are grateful when the public tells what they want in libraries. Consumers continue to influence what is produced and what is purchased in the following ways: giving online feedback, writing simple online reviews, visiting the pages of such movies on IMDb (Internet Movie Database), supporting these kinds of movies in social networks and more. Their Voices and Votes are impacting and facilitating what is produced and maintained.

Stay tuned to Sonoma Christian Home for ongoing updates on the best in family and redemptive movies across all delivery platforms.


Written by Diane Howard, Ph.D. (Performance Studies),

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