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Last edited on: November 16, 2015.

On November 15, Box Office Mojo reveals that redemptive and family movies are exciting box office favorites as they provide hope and inspiration about the power of faith to provide triumph over obstacles, opposition, and tragedies. Out in theaters and drawing appreciative audiences are four family, redemptive movies about hope and the power of faith in trials: The Peanuts MovieThe 33My All American, and Woodlawn.

In the The Peanuts Movie with its tagline “Dream Big,” underdog, Charlie Brown, through perseverance triumphs over humiliating defeats to become an heroic role model to others in his community. Three more movies continue to draw enthusiastic audiences to theaters, after many disappointing movies in October. These three popular films are based on true stories of faith, hope and triumphs over tragedies: The 33My All American, and Woodlawn.

In The 33 with its tagline “Hope Runs Deep,”  33 miners persevere with hope and faith to triumph over the tragedy of a gold and copper mine collapse in which they are buried alive for 69 days. In My All American, Freddie Steinmark, an underdog on the gridiron who leads his team to a championship season, faces his battle with cancer with faith.  In the movie Woodlawn centers on racial conflict in rival football teams and in the city of Birmingham, Alabama is overcome by faith and Christian love. All four of these movies have important Christian themes of faith, hope, and love that bring triumph over tragedy.

Photo Courtesy of Anthem Productions.

Photo Courtesy of Anthem Productions.

Dr. Dale Archer on Psychology Today. com in his article on faith, hope, and love, deals with qualities that determine the mindset of a survivor. He states that resilience in psychology is the capacity to cope with stress, traumatic events and adversity. He refers to much research on this subject with respect to Hurricane Katrina, the Tsunami, Haitian earthquake and Chilean miners about predicting who would thrive and who would struggle after these horrendous disasters.

Dr. Archer shares that his own experience of dealing with Hurricane Katrina/Rita victims leads him to realize that we can’t predict the psychological survivors or psychological victims based on education, wealth, intelligence, or material success in life. Interestingly, he finds that survivors share the following traits: Faith, Hope, and Love.

These Christian qualities are especially needed today in our world filled with fear and darkness. The light of faith shines in the fearful world of darkness and the darkness does not put it out. It is not surprising that many redemptive movies that have inspired faith, hope, and love have been popular and successful. Fortunately, in recent years many movies with these universal and eternal themes have been produced for theaters and later personal use and more, ever-improving ones like them are due out in the months ahead to inspire our country and world.



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