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Last edited on: November 25, 2015.

I Hope You Dance, the Power and Spirit of Song, is the first film to explore how one extraordinary song has changed people’s lives. It is about hope, faith, optimism and the power of music to inspire and heal. By weaving together stories of how Lee Ann Womack’s worldwide mega #1 hit has motivated real people to transform their lives, to chase their dreams, to overcome obstacles and to persist in the face of extreme adversity, I Hope You Dance will inspire and empower people to achieve more, to live their best lives and to make the world a better place. These are true stories of inspiration, second chances, recovery, forgiveness and miracles.

On Thanksgiving Day at 9 pm ET/PT and 8 pm CT, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries will premiere the broadcast of this moving special which brings the film to the public (see NEWS link on this site for the Hallmark press release).  We are proud to align with Crown Media and the Hallmark family to share the film with the world.

The film and book explore:

  • After the death of their only child, grieving parents realize the only way to truly honor their beloved daughter’s memory is to celebrate the message in her favorite song, “I Hope You Dance.” Today, her spirit lives on in the six individuals whose lives were enriched and saved by the gift of her donated organs.
  • A homeless shelter in Phoenix, Arizona uses “I Hope You Dance” to teach ballroom dance to homeless men and women and employs its message to help them regain confidence and get back on their feet.
  • A woman’s miraculous recovery from a devastating spinal cord injury that should have killed her instantly. Her doctor has never seen anything like it – despite not breathing for several minutes and becoming instantly paralyzed, she now leads a normal life and goes dancing every Tuesday night. “I Hope You Dance” was a pivotal part of hear healing journey.
  • A reluctant bride who resists then ultimately accepts love and joy.
  • The story and process of celebrated Nashville songwriters, Mark D. Sanders and Tia Sillers writing their evergreen, classic composition.
  • Our book, with illustrations from renown graphic artist Hugh Syme, contains a foreword from Tim Storey and expands upon each of the stories and commentaries via film Co-Producer Judith A. Proffer’s meticulous and poignant edits. • It also includes prose on ‘Music As Therapy’ from Alexandra Field, MS,MT-BC Board-Certified Music Therapist.

An “A List” of charismatic, articulate and entertaining “experts” such as Dr. Maya Angelou, Joel Osteen, world celebrated artist/songwriters Graham Nash (who performs “Teach Your Children”) Brian Wilson (who performs “God Only Knows”), and Vince Gill, as well as artist Lee Ann Womack, have offered their unique perspective on themes explored in the film, the nature of creativity and its ability to touch and motivate.

Additionally, the book features an interview with Evolution of Dance’s Judson Laipply, whose groundbreaking video has 293,581,071 views to date.


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