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Last edited on: March 3, 2017.

Thanksgiving, the attitude, is when I am satisfied in life. (Not necessarily satisfied WITH life.) But I am content with what I have and am thankful. Thanksgiving, the season, seems to be becoming a commercial contradiction to this attitude. With “Black Friday” the day after Thanksgiving, what used to be a day of remembering all that God has blessed us with (regardless of how much “stuff” you have or don’t have) has now become a day of prepping which sale to hit first.

We’re no longer sitting around the table or house or with family enjoying each other. We are counting our dollars to see how far they will stretch so that we can have more. The reason we want more? Because we are “entitled” to have more, it’s our right! (Or at least that’s what consumerism wants you to think.)

Remember those verses in Proverbs 30:15? “There are three things that are never satisfied, four that never say enough.” Then Solomon proceeds to list those things, remember that? I’d like to take this Thanksgiving season to add a few more. (No, I am not adding to the bible. Just putting a couple more things on the list.)
So here are four more things that are never satisfied:
  1. Envy. It’s wanting what someone else has. You will never fill that tank up. The envy tank will always be short of full. I am calling it a tank because when you do “fill it up” what usually happens is that it tips over into rage. (See: Any world dictator, or any child who doesn’t get to have the toy the other sibling does.)
  2. Laundry/Dishes/Yardwork. Yep. I said it. They will never be satisfied! These things will NEVER end. Too bad because if we’re not diligent to tame this beast, we can literally get swallowed up in it!
  3. Consumerism. Ever heard the term “retail therapy?” I’ll give you one guess who came up with it. (Hint: it wasn’t psychologists) It was retail America. This is similar to envy, with this caveat. You can have what you want, so to speak. With envy you won’t ever get what you “want.” It’s like chasing a golden pot at the end of the rainbow. Consumerism, though, is like fools gold. You can find it everywhere and eventually it’s worthless because a new shipment has come in to replace it. Consumerism will never be satisfied! Stop feeding it, starve consumerism!
  4. Life. It will not slow down. It will not stop advancing. It will never say enough or be satisfied. So, what should we do? Enjoy it! Adapt to it. Some seasons are busy and some are not as busy. Regardless of what season you are in, be thankful and filled with gratitude. If there’s one thing you are ENTITLED to, it’s gratefulness!
Don’t let life pass you by with the things that can’t be satisfied. Don’t feel like your entitled to the moon when you’ve never even been there. Say, “that’s enough! And I am so thankful for it.” Instead of stressing out over the holidays, just be grateful.
P.S. Here’s a bonus never-say-enough thing: my children’s stomachs! They never say enough! :)

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