Woman facing backwards in field wearing blue floppy hat holding up heart with hands - How to Hear God's voice

How to Hear God’s Voice | Part III

In the final post of this three-part series, Pastor Casey Bombacie teaches us how to hear God's voice through realizing the difference between the soul and spirit. Open your heart to His spirit and let communication with the Father begin!
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How to Hear God’s Voice | Part II

In "How to Hear God's Voice Part II", Pastor Casey Bombacie teaches us that God wants to repair innermost selves so that we can stand firm in our faith and be willing to yield to His Spirit!
Heart shaped Bible on table outdoors - How to Hear God's Voice

How to Hear God’s Voice | Part I

This is God’s desire for us: that we hear what He is speaking to us. To do that, we need to do some work in our life so that we can properly hear God.
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Silver Platter Problems

SCH Contributor Casey Bombacie reminds us "whatever you fail to confront, you will become disqualified to overcome" and encourages us to focus on the blessings that come when we of overcome trials.
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Never Satisfied

SCH Contributor, Casey Bombacie warns us to stay grounded in gratitude and avoid giving into the dangers of consumerism and greed.