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Erica Galindo
Celebrating Food, Faith and Family
Last edited on: November 24, 2015.

As Thanksgiving approaches, it is easy to get forget to be thankful for God’s goodness while getting absorbed with the concept that Thanksgiving dinner has to be “perfect.” We get caught up in the ideas that the turkey has to be flawless, the side dishes must be exceptional, and the pies must taste terrific. Yet, every year, there’s always at least one bump in the road preparing the “perfect” Thanksgiving feast.

So when a loving mother and wife falls ill on Thanksgiving day, she decides to leave the cooking to her husband. Knowing his kitchen kills are below par, he enlists of the help of his brother. After realizing they both lack cooking abilities, they decide that any Thanksgiving dinner would be better than no Thanksgiving dinner. Therefore, they begin their uphill battle to prepare Thanksgiving supper.

However, this short film is a perfect reminder that no matter how hectic our lives can get, we should always be thankful for God’s goodness.

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