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Last edited on: November 23, 2015.

Good, redemptive, family movies remain popular choices and are top DVD picks for the Thanksgiving season. On November 21, On DVD reveals that “Max” (out now on DVD) continues as the top-selling DVD in the family category, along with favorites “Pan” (in pre-order and out on DVD December 22) and “Cinderella” (now out on DVD). In the fantasy genre, “Pan” is the top-selling DVD. In the foreign category, “When Marnie Was There” (now out on DVD) is the top-selling DVD. “Ant-Man” (out on DVD December 8) is the top-selling DVD in the Sci-Fi category.

Cinderella movie poster 2015

Cinerella 2015: Photo courtesy Walt Disney Pictures

Out on DVD January 19, “Woodlawn” (in pre-order) on November 21 is the top-selling DVD in the sports category, along with popular movies “When the Game Stands Tall” (out on DVD) and “McFarland” (out on DVD). “Unbroken” (out on DVD) continues as a top-selling DVD in the war category.  On November 21, On DVD reports that “War Room” (in pre-order, due out December 22 on DVD) and “Ant-Man” (also in pre-order, due out December 8 on DVD) are top-selling DVDs overall for all genres.  “Ant-Man” is also a top-selling DVD in the action category. In the adventure category, “Hunger Games 3: Mockingjay Part One” (due out on DVD March 6, 2016) and “Pan” are top-selling DVDs. 


Inside Out 2015: Photo courtesy Pixar Animation Studios

On November 21, “War Room” continues on DVD as the top-selling DVD in the drama category, along with “Woodlawn,” which is another top favorite. These two movies are also top-selling DVDs in the African American category. “Inside Out” (now available on DVD) remains the top-selling DVD in the animation category, along with “The Good Dinosaur” (due out in theaters this week and on DVD in February or March of 2016),  “The Peanuts Movie,” (in theaters now and due out on in DVD in February or March of 2016), and  “Big Hero Three” (available on DVD now).  All of these top-selling DVDs are redemptive, family movies for various ages with universal appeal. Good redemptive, family movies continue to perform well across all platforms of delivery and stand the test of time.

The Good Dinosaur movie poster

The Good Dinosaur: Photo courtesy Pixar Animation Studios

On November 21, Christian shows that its current top-selling DVDS are the following: “War Room,” “Love Comes Softly,” “Saving Christmas,” “Before All Others,” “Alone Yet Not Alone,” “Woodlawn,” “Beyond The Mask,” “A Matter of Faith,” “Snow Bride,” “and “Return to the Hiding Place. These are also redemptive movies that are good choices for families.

Dr. Ted Baehr of and his lovely daughter Evy Baehr talk of favorite Thanksgiving movies available on DVD: “A Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving,” “Squanto: A Warrior’s Tale,” and “John Adams.” Further, they recommend  for the Thanksgiving Season the following: “Places in the Heart,” “Tender Mercies,” “It’s a Wonderful Life,” “The Trip to Bountiful,” “Driving Miss Daisy,” “Little Women,” and “Avalon.”  Again, these are all good redemptive family movies for a range of ages for the Thanksgiving Season. 

Happy Thanksgiving to All!

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