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Last edited on: November 12, 2015.

Good family movies persist as top-selling choices across all platforms. On November 10, On DVD reports the latest top-selling DVDS. In the family category, the top DVD on November 10 is Max, followed by Pan and Cinderella. All three are good movie choices as family movies, but Max is especially appropriate for Veterans Day, November 11. This popular PG movie for all ages is about a dog who is returned to the U.S. and adopted by his handler’s family, after suffering a traumatic experience when he helped soldiers in Afghanistan. See the trailer on the movie’s official Web site.

On DVD Releases on November 10 also reports Unbroken remains a top-selling PG-13 DVD for older teens and adults. Unbroken is the gripping, raw story of the Olympic athlete and World War II POW Louis Zamperini, who endured intense hardships and torture. It is a story of a man who became a Christian hero and leader. It is a movie based on a true story filled with faith, hope and forgiveness.

On November 10, Christian Cinema reports four movies that are on their top ten best-selling list: Faith Of Our FathersAlone Yet Not AloneReturn to the Hiding Place, and Beyond The Mask. These are all good choices for family movies for Veteran’s Day about people dealing with war. See reviews, trailers and more on Sonoma Christian Home for these movies and others like them.

faith of our fathers

Sean McGowan and Scott Whyte in new release ‘Faith of Our Fathers’; Photo Courtesy of Pure Flix.

Faith Of Our Fathers (PG-13 movie appropriate for older children through adults) is a story about two sons seeking to learn more about their fathers, who were friends and died together in Vietnam. Alone Yet Not Alone (PG-13 movie appropriate for all ages) is based on a true story, during the French and Indian War, when Barbara and Regina Leininger are taken hostage by the Delaware Indians and depend on God to get back to their family. Return to the Hiding Place (PG-13 movie appropriate for older children)  is the story of young Dutch Resistance fighters in World War II who are  supported by Corrie ten Boom and her family, as they also aid Jewish people.

Little Boy is another good family movie on DVD that is appropriate for Veteran’s Day. It is a beautiful memory movie about a young boy’s tested and developing faith to bring his father home from World War II. This movie with leading actors is PG-13 and is appropriate for older children through adults. This film, along with the others, is a good choice for a family movie that deals with courage, faith, endurance and more during the hardships of war for soldiers and their families.

(Patricia Shirer) & (Karen Abercrombie) share in the power of prayer; Photo Courtesy of the Kendrick Brothers.

Patricia Shirer & Karen Abercrombie share in the power of prayer; Photo Courtesy of the Kendrick Brothers.

On DVD Releases further reports on November 10 of other good family movies that are top-sellers in a range of categories. Ant-man continues as a top-seller in the Action and Sci-Fi categories. Pan is a top-selling DVD in the Adventure Category. War Room remains a top-selling DVD in the Drama and African-American categories, in pre-order with its release set for December 22. Inside Out is still the top-seller in the Animation category.  Pan and Cinderella continue as top-sellers in the Fantasy category. When Marnie Was There continues as a top-selling DVD in the Foreign category. These are all good choices of DVDs for families.

Good redemptive, family movies remain popular and successful across all platforms. When family movies have universal and redemptive themes and stories, they stand the test of time. Today there are many good family sources for valuable reviews, interviews, trailers and more for family movies to assist in making the best choices. The Renaissance of artistry and Reformation of content for family movies continues as socially responsible consumers make good choices and therefore encourage producers to make more movies and programming with artistic quality and redemptive content.


Written by Diane Howard, Ph.D. (Performance Studies),

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