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Last edited on: December 6, 2015.

Continuing from where the mini-series The Bible left off comes A.D The Bible Continues, a thrilling storing that explores the inspiring events that followed the crucifixion of Christ.


Based on the events in the book of Acts, Christ’s death severely impacted the disciples, Mary, and other several religious leaders of the area. Deciding to share their believes with the rest of the world, follow Adam Levy as Peter, and the other disciples who took on the responsibility to spread the teachings of Christ to a chaotic world.


However, as they begin to start a new religion and transform history, the disciples quickly learn that the challenges they would face spreading Christianity would lead to them trusting their newly formed faith as they fight for survival.


From the Richard Bedser, the producer of Son of God and The Bible, witness the uplifting and spiritual journey of the brave disciples.


You can buy the exhilarating television series on DVD and Blu-Ray today!


Read A.D. The Bible Continues – By Our Love  for more information about the series.


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