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As we prepare for the holiday season, we can anticipate wonderful family friendly programs including the hit show When Calls the Heart. Sonoma Christian Home recently sat down with one of the stars of the hit show to bring you this behind the scenes Martin Cummins Interview.

The holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas provide wonderful uplifting, inspiring, and beautiful TV specials in the safety and security of our homes. The Hallmark Channel is the premier television channel for the holidays and also provides its programming on DVDs and via streaming.

Viewers can find the latest Hallmark holiday programming in its Countdown to Christmas on its Web site , including When Calls the Heart with Martin Cummins.

When calls the Heart cast


Hallmark’s daily news bundles reports that today the Hallmark Channel is providing a maze of 557 illuminated Christmas trees in Herald Square, which is located at the intersection of Broadway, Sixth Avenue (officially named Avenue of the Americas), and 34th Street in the borough of Manhattan in New York City.

Furthermore, The Hallmark Channel has announced a special two-hour, holiday television event for December 26 of the premiere of Season Three for When Calls the Heart, a popular television series. This engaging, endearing series follows Elizabeth Thatcher, a young school teacher from a wealthy Eastern family, after she moves from the big city to teach school in a small coal mining town in the west.


when-calls-the-heart daniel lissing and Martin Cummins

Daniel Lissing as Jack Thornton and Martin Cummins as Henry Gowen in ‘When Calls the Heart’; Photo courtesy of Crown Media.


Michael Landon Jr. produces this frontier television series. Like his father’s work before him, this tv series deals with classic, universal themes that stand the test of time: faith in the midst of tragedy, hope despite loss, community that heals the broken hearted, and the power of inner strength to overcome obstacles.

On November 19, Martin Cummins, who plays Henry Gowen, the adversarial coal mining manager in When Calls the Heart, provides an exclusive interview with Sonoma Christian Home Editor at Large, Dr Diane Howard.

After Jack's departure from Coal Valley, Abigail learns painful news as she investigates the mine disaster alone and Elizabeth and her sister become entangled in a conman's dangerous scheme. Photo: Martin Cummins Credit: Copyright 2013 Crown Media United States, LLC/Photographer: Eike Schroter

Martin Cummins as Henry Gowen in ‘When Calls the Heart’ ; Photo Courtesy of Crown Media, Photographer: Eike Schroter.


SCH: When did you begin acting?

MC: I began acting at sixteen years of age and have been a professional actor ever since.

SCH: What kinds of roles have you played?

MC: I have usually played the villain roles, but these are necessary to move stories forward.

SCH: How will your character develop in Season Three?

MC:  In Season Three, my character, Henry Gowen, may become more humanized as his back story is revealed. In Season Three, viewers will see how Henry Gowen, my  character, is more than a hard-hearted business guy but longs for relationships. Viewers are likely to become more sympathetic towards Henry Gowen, as they learn how he has been hurt and why he has become bitter. Viewers are likely to see Gowen develop and grow, along with the other characters in the series.

Martin Cummins

When Actor Martin Cummins is not working on the show, he enjoys time in the outdoors.


SCH: Have you enjoyed playing your character in this series?

MC: I have enjoyed playing the role of Henry Gowen for three seasons in When Calls the Heart. This series, which is grounded in a small town with its intergenerational stories and history of developing relationships, has been refreshing for me as well as it has been for viewers.

SCH: Why do you think this series is of value to viewers?

MC: It is a family series that the whole family can watch together. It deals with tough realities but processes them in ways that are positive, constructive, and role-modeling. I think that Hallmark produces nice shows of simpler times and relationships. I think these shows fill a vacuum for good, family programming


When Calls the Heart deals with universal and relevant themes of overcoming hardship to experience redemption, reconciliation, and renewal. It is a series that timelessly pictures hope even in the midst of suffering and trials.

Martin Cummins car

Actor Martin Cummins plays the dynamic character of Henry Gowen in ‘When Calls the Heart.’

Those interested in and following the series can find more information about the series and see videos on . Season One and Two are available on DVD. streams Season One. The When Calls the Heart series, is based on the work of renowned author Janette Oke (known also for the “Love Comes Softly” series). The series is produced by Believe Pictures and Brad Krevoy TV. Krevoy, Tony Blake, Robin Bernheim, Brian Bird, Michael Landon, Jr., and Michael Shepard are executive producers with Eric Jarboe and Neill Fearnley as co-executive producers. Their supporters, The Hearties, have their own website with ongoing information about the series.


For more on When Calls the Heart, check out this interview with actress Lori Laughlin. To learn more, visit the Hallmark Channel.

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