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Last edited on: December 23, 2015.

Many viewers, especially the “Hearties” (loyal fans of When Calls the Heart) are anticipating the special, two-hour, Christmas premiere for Season Three of When Calls the Heart on the Hallmark Channel. This series follows the development of Elizabeth Thatcher, a young school teacher from a wealthy Eastern family who has come to teach school in a small coal mining town, as well as the development and growth of other characters and relationships, as they all deal with suffering and hardships but find that inner strength of character develops in and among them.

Pascale Hutton plays Rosemary, the spunky, multi-talented former fiancée to leading man and Mountie, Jack Thornton, played by Daniel Lissing. In Season One, viewers are introduced to Rosemary who can jump on and ride a horse; skillfully shoot a gun; entertain the community with her performances, with singing, playing the piano and more. Pascale chats with Sonoma Christian Home, giving hints of the continuing development of Rosemary, who like others grows in character and community relationships. SCH Editor at Large Dr. Diane Howard reports.

Pascale Hutton

Pascale Hutton plays the spunky, multi-talented former fiancée to leading man and Mountie, Jack Thornton, played by Daniel Lissing.

SCH: Where did you grow up?

PH: I grew up in British Columbia, Canada, enjoying the out-of-doors.

SCH: Did that help prepare you for the outdoor roles you have been playing recently in the Artic Air and When Calls the Heart series?

PH: I love the adventures I have had with filming Artic Air and with riding horses and shooting guns in When Calls the Heart.

SCH: How did you become involved in acting?

PH: My mother encouraged dramatics at home. After performing in original living room productions, I studied acting professionally.


Pascale Hutton and Daniel Lissing in ‘When Calls the Heart’; Photo Courtesy of Hallmark.

SCH: How do you like acting on the set of When Calls the Heart?

PH: The set is a real town. It’s really exciting to do scenes inside the buildings, on the streets, and in the surrounding land.

SCH: Tell me about your character, Rosemary, and how she might develop in Season Three of When Calls the Heart.

PH: My character, Rosemary, like other characters in the series, is multi-dimensional, multi-faceted and becomes more grounded, real, as well as learns to value community. Rosemary comes from a glitzy stage background to the coal mining community in pursuit of her former fiancé, Jack Thornton, who is drawn to leading character, Elizabeth Thatcher, who has also been growing in internal strength. Rosemary learns to appreciate the values that she finds in the coal mining town, developing in character like many of the others do in the series.

Pascale Hutton as ;Photo Courtesy of Hallmark.

Pascale Hutton as Rosemary; Photo Courtesy of Hallmark.

SCH: Why do you think that audiences connect so well with this series?

PH: I believe that this series is valuable for whole families, who can all enjoy it without offense. I think it is not only valuable as family entertainment, but that it helps families process how to get through hardships and suffering, especially with the strength of relationships in and among the families of a community.

SCH: What do you think of the way the series presents women?

PH: I appreciate this series with its strong women, who are tested by adversity and loss, but who persevere and grow in strength of character and relationships.

This series also presents men who develop in character, after surviving loss and hardship. It is a wonderful series for the whole family that is honest about hardships but hopeful as it presents the strength that comes from faith, family, and community.

Pascale Hutton on set; Photo Courtesy of Hallmark.

Erin Krakow and Pascale Hutton on set; Photo Courtesy of Hallmark.

The first season can be viewed through streaming on Netflix and other streaming sources. The first two seasons are available individually or in boxed sets are available on DVD.

The When Calls the Heart series, based on the work of renowned author Janette Oke (known also for the Love Comes Softly series), is about overcoming rigors and finding love on the frontier. When Calls The Heart is produced by Believe Pictures and Brad Krevoy TV. Krevoy, Tony Blake, Robin Bernheim, Brian Bird, Michael Landon, Jr., and Michael Shepard are executive producers with Eric Jarboe and Neill Fearnley as co-executive producers. Their supporters, The Hearties, have their own Web site with ongoing information about the series.

When Calls The Heart has a passionate loyal fan base in the television landscape and their devotion to the captivating storylines and characters has made this series grow with outstanding ratings and top social media engagement,” said Michelle Vicary, Crown Media’s Executive Vice President of Programming. “We are incredibly proud of the series’ success and look forward to bringing families back together (to see it)…”


Written by Diane Howard, Ph.D (Performance Studies),

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