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Erica Galindo
Celebrating Food, Faith and Family
Last edited on: January 25, 2016.

“I have a heart for people, and in order to be able to really speak to people’s hearts and be able to relate to people that need to be uplifted, I too had to go through some tough times to be able to understand the magnitude of what caring for others and using my gifts to minister to others can truly mean to a hurting soul.”

It is Sada K.’s heart’s desire to create music that guides people to hope & provokes her listeners to be encouraged & persevere, no matter what they face in life. World Changers that have shaped music history has inspired her throughout her journey and Sada K. is creating a sound all her own by writing songs that spread the message of the love of God, her faith in His majestic power, and the beauty and strength that awaits all of us within the lessons of life. Love is a powerful thing and Sada K. has been gifted to blanket your heart with empowerment and hope, through music.

Album LONG STORY SHORT was her outlet to share her story in a creative way. It’s an uplifting and encouraging journey that shows many layers of her life, her heart and her faith. There is truly something on the album for everyone. Her hard work and perseverance is made clear on this album with the level of excellence and first class that it has been presented to the world.

Sada K. is an artist that brings music & spirit to those who have lost hope & joy, to those who have been broken hearted and to those who can appreciate a positive message wrapped in God’s love. She is able to send out these messages not just in music, but also in the giving of herself with love & kindness. Her music exhibits a depth of emotion, power, hope and love. Your heart and spirit is soothed by the sultry sound of her voice bringing life to the dry places of those who need to find that safe place, the place where everything between peace and love resides.

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