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Remember…Soul doesn’t speak your language.

In fact if you don’t pay heed to your dreams…or still your Self from the whickering wail of schedule and agenda…it is doubtful you’ll hear from Her at all…until it is too late. She is not in the habit of competing—that is what your Heart does. Heart is always trying to get ahead….Heart is the Invisible Drive Inside…your Spirit…the Unseen Will Within that pushes and propels you to accomplish …acquire…accept …accelerate…and sometimes acquiesce in this life. And this is not Soul.

And Soul cares little for your logic.

Soul continually baffles Mind…because Soul utters words both familiar and foreign…Her logic guided in images…and Her words are heavier than those our mouths emit…and laden with layers of meaning that can haunt a lifetime…dripping with dread import…like Soul-seismic foreshocks…forewarning of unconscious continental shifts…and forthcoming cataclysms in our inner-Innermost.

Often you may awake from a dream to say, “Okay…what was that all about?” You may even sense that the dream was important somehow…but be at a loss to understand why. We all have our Nebuchadnezzar moments….And in moments like these…it is time stop everything…quiet your Self with all earnest…as if hearing the final whispers of dying child—and attend.

Soul is talking. Time to wait…and postpone every Outer Worldly pursuit…

In the same way it is hard to sense The Presence…the Fiery Word Who Dwells Amidst the Lampstands… so it is also hard to hear Soul. Unless you are quiet and still. And this is the very thing we moderns have no time for.

But God has a Soul.

What a wonderful Being…that He would pour from His eternal vastness…a likewise living World Within us. And He…Who orchestrates the choral constellations to sing in the deep, distant reaches of nebulae cathedrals… even He deigns to rest…to watch…to wait.

What makes us think we’re different? “In returning and rest ye are saved In keeping quiet and in confidence is your might, And ye have not been willing” (Isaiah 30:15). This deeply convicts me…and I will go on a walk today after church…to a quiet place…and wait. My Soul so deeply needs to be alone with Him today.

One reason why believers (like me) are remiss to do this is impatience. We don’t feel anything happening…so we assume nothing is….But this is not how Soul changes. The Soul is the Inward Garden…which takes nutrients…water of the Word…weeding…Sonlight…and time to grow. Gardeners must let go the demand for immediacy.

The Inner World is not a supermarket.

The first indication that your Soul is growing will be a change in your dream life. It is here where I find my Soul whispering…sometimes pleading… for “course changes”…things that my consciousness has overlooked…or repressed…like the harm you inflict on your Soul when you speak ill of governmental leaders instead of praying for them. Soul messages can seem small to our Mind…but evidently they are big enough to unsettle the Soul. And to ignore Her is to invite serious emotional, mental, bodily, and character problems down the line. But here’s an important hint I’ve learned about dreams—

Your dreams are about you.

People in your dreams are rarely about the actual people in your lives. Two years ago I had a dream wherein my wife and I were walking down a street and a charlatan across the lane began spouting grandiose dictums about God. He looked like an undertaker from the 1800’s with a top hat and grave demeanor. And although his words sounded good…I could tell he was dangerous…a pretender…a deceiver. I tried to insert myself between her and the hypocrite…but my wife wanted to cross the street over to him.

This dream was not about my wife. It was not about her susceptibility. It was about the Counterfeit Me…my Shadow…the fraud I can be if I’m not conscious. I took this as a major “course correction” from my Soul. She was communicating Her concern that I was slipping into a false self…one that sounded good…but was really the Undertaker. My Soul didn’t want to get buried. She was not ready to die.

Lies kill Soul.

God gave you a Soul for a reason…She is the Essential Deep You…and She needs you to take care of Her. And the first way to do this is to take Her missives seriously…and wait on Her. The Lord is good at waiting…and will touch your Soul when you hush the Outer World…and open Your Inner World to Him. One more thing—

Bursting into tears upon a passage of music…that’s another time to take precious care…Soul is saying something….

Behold my Servant, Whom I uphold, My elect in Whom My soul delights!
I have put My Spirit upon Him…

Isaiah 42:1

And He said to them, My soul is exceedingly sad (overwhelmed with grief)
so that it almost kills Me! Remain here and keep awake and be watching.

Mark 14:34

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