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Crumbs of Great Price: Hearing from God

SCH is excited to introduce Author Robin Wren's soulful work on feeling defective and struggling with hearing from God...But finding Grace in an unremarkable life.

How to Lose Your Soul – Part I

Your Soul is not your Heart. How can you tell the two apart? Find out about the Inner World and how to care for it in Robin Wren's thought provoking series, "How to Lose Your Soul."

How to Lose Your Soul – Part X

Emptiness. It is the plague of our age. It is Soul-sickness. And it can drive us to desperation: to fill our hungers with anything to stop the pain. SCH contributor Robin Wren encourages us that in actuality: hunger is holy.
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How To Lose Your Soul Part IX

Sensing an unsettled Soul can be an haunting experience. And responding to the cries and whispers of the Inner World demand care. SCH contributor Robin Wren offers some hints for soul care in his ongoing series.

How To Lose Your Soul – Part VIII

How do you even begin to learn what your Soul needs? Her needs are vastly different than nourishment for the Body and Mind. Learn how to recognize soul-starvation in SCH contributor Robin Wren's latest exploration of the Inner World.

How to Lose Your Soul Part VII

Is it possible to learn from someone as lost as a demoniac? Perhaps there is no better way to learn to care for the soul than from one who already lost his. Read more in SCH contributor Robin Wren's continuing series about the Soul.