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Last edited on: March 10, 2016.

For six seasons Downton Abbey has captivated viewers around the world on TV, streaming, and DVDs. Last evening’s TV finale of this exceptional series especially moved the hearts of viewers around the globe with its heart-warming conclusion of reversals, reconnection, and redemption. The universal themes of the values of unconditional love, forgiveness, humility and much more in the context of extended family and sacred marriages, even in the midst of cultural change, was inspiring.

March 7, the TV News headline from an AP report out of L.A. is “Will Downton Abbey: The Movie be next?” Creator and writer, Julian Fellowes, who is also known as a delightful actor in Monarch of the Glen and more, as well as executive producer, Gareth Neame discuss the possibility of Downton Abbey as a movie.

Downton Abby Season 6 cast

Season six ‘Downton Abbey’ cast; Photo Courtesy of PBS.

The AP report by Lynn Elber in TV News states, “Downton Abbey the film…remains under serious consideration by series creator Julian Fellowes and executive producer Gareth Neame. “Julian and I would like to make the movie. We’re having detailed thinking about it all,” Neame states “But there’s a lot to be worked out.

Turning a TV show into a movie is not straightforward, it doesn’t happen very often and it’s not uncomplicated.” Reassembling the large ensemble cast, many of whom are involved in other projects would be a huge challenge. “…But in principle, those of us who have given many years of our lives over to the show would be keen to do it if we could make it work,” Neame said.

Downton Abby 2 Mary and Robert

Mary and Robert ride horses during episode four of ‘Downton Abbey’; Photo Courtesy of PBS.

Fellowes, who wrote each episode of the hit PBS drama in its six seasons, would have to carve time out of his schedule, which would be big challenge because he is busy now with The Gilded Age, NBC’s series about “…well-heeled 19th-century Americans that’s expected to debut in 2017.” Neame has also joined Fellowes with The Guilded Age.

Fellowes and Neame believe the Downton Abbey fans would want the same characters in a movie but that the writing would need a “…new scenario, a fresh kind of story…If a ‘Downton Abbey’ film does come to pass…it would probably happen in the next couple of years,” Neame said.

Downton Abby 1

Andy and Daisy dance during the latest ‘Downton Abbey’ episode; Photo Courtesy of PBS.

Masterpiece Theater’s British historical dramas with rich storytelling, spectacular cinematography, and exceptionally skillful actors are some of the best offerings on TV, streaming, and DVDs. The British Isles have had centuries of fascinating history that are brought to life in these series with their thought-provoking themes and insights.

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