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Last edited on: April 18, 2016.

Sonoma Christian Home movie reviews and news support the box office success of redemptive movies. Many studies provide evidence of the positive relationship between good reviews and box office success. On April 15, Project Casting reports that “…A new study finds that positive movie reviews have a huge impact on box office numbers after analyzing a ton of data and box office numbers…Metacritic has determined that reviews still have an impact on how well a movie does at the box office.” Metacritic has determined that positive reviews impact box office numbers and has concluded “…that movies deemed ‘good’ tend to make the most money.”

 A research study entitled “The Influence of Movie Reviews on Consumers” also provides evidence that movie reviews have an effect on the consumer thought process which affects the decision on whether or not to purchase a ticket to see the film. Another study, “Predicting Box Office Success: Do Critical Reviews Really Matter?” finds positive correlation between good reviews and box office success. Finally, another study, “Do online reviews matter?” finds “… intensity of …word-of-mouth… plays a dominant role in driving box office revenues.” In conclusion, there is much evidence of the positive influence of good critical, professional reviews and the volume and intensity of online positive promotion of good movies on good box office results. 


Elizabeth dives into the Word of God; Photo Courtesy of the Kendrick Brothers

Elizabeth dives into the Word of God; Photo Courtesy of the Kendrick Brothers

Variety reports on the power of the grassroots, word-of-mouth promotion of the Kendrick Brothers’ War Room, Variety states, “…Getting the word out about the picture involved a massive grassroots effort. Facebook was particularly active, as the film’s page attracted more than half a million fans… More important was the work that the Kendricks did to raise awareness.

The brothers shot set videos to keep audiences informed about the production and prepared packets that they sent to churches that included materials that could be incorporated into sermons prior to the film’s release.” Rory Bruer, Sony’s distribution chief, says, “For the Kendricks, the dialogue is ongoing…The word gets out there and people are talking about the movie for many months before it opens. It all results in a cool crescendo.”

Photo Courtesy of the Kendrick Brothers.

Miss Clara prays for Elizabeth in ‘War Room’: Photo Courtesy of the Kendrick Brothers.

In an exclusive interview with Sonoma Christian Home, Stephen Kendrick also refers to the support of Movieguide®’s reviews and awards.  Stephen tells how the Movieguide®’s Awards and Gala put “wind into the sails” of his work and that of his colleagues in redemptive filmmaking who work to honor faith and family in movies. “Movieguide® does something so many other award shows don’t do,” he said. “They are honoring these unsung heroes in the film world that focus in on making redemptive movies… strengthening faith rather than devaluing it…Building up marriages and family rather than tearing them down.”

The ongoing success of War Room from theaters to DVD sales and other forms of delivery is partially due the support of professional reviewers and their news stories and to the grassroots online intensity and volume of supporters. These same factors have been significant in the success of other top box office, redemptive movies.  

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