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Last edited on: April 29, 2016.

Consumer support is making a difference is what produced, distributed, and prevails in movies and TV. On April 27, On DVD Release reports good news for top-selling family and redemptive DVDs. Zootopia continues as an overall, top-selling DVD in pre-release with its public release June 7 as it currently continues strong in theaters. Likewise, on April 27,  The Young Messiah stays as a top-selling DVD in the historical category in pre-release, as it also continues strong in theaters with its DVD release now announced for June 14.

Miracles From Heaven on April 27 also continues as a top-selling DVD in the drama category in pre-release, as it remains strong in theaters. It now has an announced release date for July 12.  War Room prevails as a top-selling DVD in the drama and African American categories. The Good Dinosaur continues as a top-selling DVD in the animation category. Risen continues as a top-selling DVD in the mystery category. Woodlawn remains a top-selling DVD in the sports category.


The Woodlawn football team in ‘Woodlawn’ gathers to pray before a game : photo courtesy Pure Flix Entertainment

Top family and redemptive movies that Movieguide has honored  which are now available on Netflix are the following: Home, The Prince of Egypt, Spy Kids, What if…, Linsanity, The Bible, Chicken Run, Piglet’s Big Movie, The Emperor’s New Groove, and Penguins of Madagascar. Netflix, like theaters, streaming services, DVD, as well as TV networks are influenced by consumer choices, reviews, and ratings. In order to encourage theaters, streaming services, and DVD distributors to continue to offer good redemptive, family programming, consumer support is important in the following ways: sales, online feedback, online rating, online reviews, social media buzz and more. Today movie theater Web sites and other online movie services provide for user-friendly feedback and ratings.

IMDb (Internet Movie Database) is also significant for ratings and even for ongoing site visits for the following for good family and redemptive movies and TV in development, to pre-production, to production, to screening, and through distribution. It takes many years of hard, persevering work for good movies and TV shows to be written, produced, and distributed.

The Young Messiah Jesus

‘The Young Messiah’ is a fictional story about the life of young Jesus : photo courtesy 1492 pictures.

Visits to IMDb sites count in ongoing weekly ratings based on consumer interest indicated by visits, ratings, and feedback. We all can serve on the teams of good movie and TV production and distribution. In fact, we are critically needed in our support. What is dark, dangerous, and destructive exists and prevails where and when good men and good women do nothing.     

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