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Last edited on: January 22, 2016.

Many publications are analyzing the recent Oscar nominations and snubs. On January 15, Hollywood News tries to predict who will win the Oscars given some of the snubs such as that of Ridley Scott for Best Director for “The Martian” or “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” for Best Make-up or Best Picture. On January 15, the Los Angles Times reports, “…For the second year in a row, almost all the actor and director nominees are white…”

On January 15, Dr. Ted Baehr, Publisher of Movieguide (R) addresses family interests in the Oscar nominations when he says “…Looking at Thursday’s Oscar nominations, the Oscar folks continue to snub great, family-friendly movies such as “Cinderella,” “Home,” “The Good Dinosaur,” “Maz,” “War Room,” and “The Peanuts Movie.”  He further points out, however, that the Academy did nominate some redemptive movies and inspiring performances that were family-friendly, such as Movieguide® Award nominee “Inside Out” for Best Original Screenplay and Best Animated Feature Film, “Shaun the Sheep” for Best Animated Feature Film, and Jennifer Lawrence for her inspiring performance in “Joy.”


On Feb. 22 and 24 the 24th Annual Movieguide® Faith & Values Awards Gala, which honors the Best Movies for Families, the Most Inspiring Movie and TV Program, and the Most Inspiring Acting for 2015 Movies and TV, is scheduled on the REELZChannel. The theme for this year’s Awards Gala, which takes place Feb. 5 at the Universal Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles, is “Home and Heart.”

In recent years, awards shows, including the Oscars, have been increasing vulgar, offensive, and tasteless and less and less family-friendly. (A simple search on awards shows reveals the plethora of articles on the poor taste displayed in many awards shows and the general dissatisfaction with them.) However, Movieguide® Awards shows are appropriate for the whole family. They are classy, tasteful, and entertaining, as they honor the best in artistry and content in movies and TV.


The Good Dinosaur 2015 : photo courtesy Disney-Pixar

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