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Last edited on: April 26, 2016.

Much of the news is our current world is disheartening; but fortunately, modern technologies that often deliver this dismal news can also deliver the best in artistic, inspiring, and uplifting expressions, as they provide free live (and/or archived, filmed) streaming of the finest artistic presentations for the whole world to enjoy. It is easy to access these outstanding artistic presentations with simple clicks on online links. For example, On April 22, St. Olaf College, known for its excellent music programs, presents a live-streamed chamber singers concert,  Bach and More: Musicks from Germany, Italy, and Beyond.

Among the many artistic, live-streamed presentations online is that of The Metropolitan Art Museum on April 22,  which is a live-streamed presentation on the art of Rembrandt and Vermeer. The Met in NYC explains that “The Museum’s newly installed galleries of Dutch paintings…place twenty works by Rembrandt and five by Vermeer within the broadest survey of Netherlandish, Dutch, and Flemish art outside of Europe. Rembrandt and Vermeer represent the Age of Observation and, at the same time, anticipate Realist trends of the nineteenth century. Met Curator Walter Liedtke explores the curious similarities and interplay between style in these two leading seventeenth-century painters, and the inherited, or shared, schemes of ‘picture making’ in their work…”

St. Olaf choir

‘St. Olaf Choir’ in concert : photo courtesy St. Olaf College.

On April 22, The Stage out of the United Kingdom discusses Marcus Romer’s interest in live-streamed artistic presentations that “affect, engage and inspire people.” Live-streaming is becoming more and more commonplace today not only for sports viewing but for live artistic presentations in colleges and in the best of artistic facilities, especially in New York City and Washington D. C.  For example, the live-streamed performance on April 22 on the Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage is of the beautiful, youthful Washington Ballet.

Modern technologies are providing easy access to the greatest historical, artistic expressions to general audiences and to students. On April 22, 680 News reports  that the Ontario-based festival, Stratford Festival, plans to film and broadcast the complete works of Shakespeare around the world over the next 10 years. This huge undertaking has started last year with productions of King Lear, King John, and Antony and Cleopatra. Beyond the stage and screen, the Stratford Festival is also seeking to assist educators in teaching Shakespeare to students. The festival has developed PerformancePlus, which is an online teaching platform that provides digital toolkit video of a live Stratford performance alongside Shakespeare’s script with discussion points and lesson plans.

Anthony and Cleopatra Stratford Festival

‘Anthony and Cleopatra’ at the Stratford Festival : photo courtesy Stratford Festival.

Today the world is given and receives great artistic performances from around the world via modern technologies in the ongoing Reformation of content and Renaissance of artistry that is often freely available around the globe. Wonderful live concerts are streamed and filmed for archival streaming from colleges and artistic facilities around the country and the world for the inspiration, uplifting, and enjoyment of people around the globe.

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