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Last edited on: April 18, 2016.

Movies and TV can entertain and enhance audiences. Thankfully, more and more movie, TV, and streaming media companies are dedicated to the idea that entertainment can also be edifying, enlightening, and enriching for our culture and world. On April 14, The Futon Critic reports breaking news stories about the missions of TV networks to inspire and uplift viewers. One breaking news story is about TV One with its promise to “REPRESENT the best in Black Culture past, present and future.” D’Angela Proctor, TV One’s SVP for Original Programming and Production, speaks of “…Representing true and inspirational stories, real businesses, authentic people, and celebrating what matters…” Another breaking news story on April 14 on Futon Critic is about the USA Network which ” Unveils New Brand Positioning… Building upon …rich characters-driven history…evoking courage, resiliency, … authenticity.”

Likewise, movie companies today have mission statements about inspiring content. Pure Flix, a producer of the God’s Not Dead movies speaks of  “…transforming the human spirit through values -based entertainment” and “… to producing and distributing faith and family media…” in their mission statement.  Further, Affirm Films (a division of Sony Pictures which has produced Risen, War Room, Miracles From Heaven…) speaks of being “…dedicated to producing, acquiring and marketing films which inspire, uplift, and entertain audiences …AFFIRM Films acquires faith-based and inspirational content across a wide range of genres and budgets for the various global distribution…” 

In "Prelude to a Kiss," Jack must make a choice between Elizabeth and Rosemary, while Abigail faces harsh opposition from Gowen surrounding the mine explosion, leading to shocking revelations for all of Coal Valley. Photo: James Brolin, Daniel Lissing, Erin Krakow, Lori Loughlin, Jack Wagner Credit: Copyright 2013 Crown Media United States, LLC/Photographer: Eike Schroter

‘When Calls the Heart’ season three cast : photo courtesy The Hallmark Channel.

More and more movie, TV, and media companies are demonstrating social responsibility and are committed to uplift, inspire, and redeem viewers around the world. In recent years we have been witnessing a developing Renaissance of artistry and Reformation of content in movies, TV, and other media. There has been a growing trend of popularity of family-friendly, redemptive movies with top actors and directors. This is because artists with faith and family values and the best of movie and media skills have increasingly entered movie and media arenas.

These redemptive media makers have entered every area of production: producers, directors, writers, talent, crew and more. Further, faith-based organizations, churches, and consumers have supported them with their voices, votes, and financial support through the following: ticket sales, DVD sales and rentals, awards, grants, viewership, reviews, feedback, social media and more. In a recent exclusive interview with Sonoma Christian Home, Sadie Robertson (of Duck Dynasty and redemptive movie fame) says, “… movies and media are sources to bring Light into the Darkness…we…should not be afraid of the darkness but should take the Light there.”

Redemptive movies and TV have been doing better and better at the box office and in viewership numbers that affect ratings and renewals, thus having an increasing positive impact for the eternal good of people around the world.  For example, Hallmark’s When Calls the Heart TV series has been renewed for a fourth season because of viewership ratings. When Calls the Heart is one of the most beloved family series on TV today as it picturizes authentic faith and family struggles that are resolved in heart-felt, redemptive ways. It has its own fan club, The Hearties, which follows, supports, and provides the latest news on the series.

Miracles from Heaven dad and Anna

Mr. Beam and Anna Beam stand at an airport in ‘Miracles From Heaven’ : photo courtesy Affirm Films.

In an exclusive interview with Sonoma Christian Home, Brian Bird, executive producer When Calls the Heart (as well as for the movie Captive and more) says redemptive media picturizes the current darkness of our world and how viewers can find their way into the light. He also says that all great stories, movies, TV programs… that people have loved are redemption stories.

“This is because we are wired for them, ” he says. He states, “… we all are hungry for redemption and want resurrection stories because it is innate within us. Redemptive media points the way to the original redemption story. ” Brian Bird says, “… much of what is happening today is a departure from reason and truth that ultimately leads to hopelessness and despair … redemptive media can effectively provide hope, guidance, and Truth.” Redemptive media can lead viewers out of darkness into the Light.

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