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Last edited on: April 17, 2016.

Family, redemptive movies continue to demonstrate staying power at the top box and with top DVD sales. On April 13, On DVD Release reports that Zootopia is an overall, top-selling DVD even in pre-release. War Room continues as a top-selling DVD in the African American category. Zootopia and Good Dinosaur are top-selling DVDs in the animation category. Risen, Miracles from Heaven, and War Room continue as top-sellers in the drama category.  Risen is also the top-selling DVD in the historical and mystery categories. Woodlawn is a top-seller in the sports category.  These are all good choices in movies in movies for home, school, and public libraries.

Recently added to Netflix family movie offerings are the following: Little Rascals, Dolphin Tale, new episodes of  Veggie Tales, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. These are also good choices for older children through adults.

Dolphin tale (1)

‘Dolphin Tale’ is one of many family movies available on Netflix : photo courtesy Alcon Entertainment.

Taking time to search for appropriate movies is important. Research has verified the negative effects of exposure to profanity, immorality, and violence. Exposure to profanity on video games and TV is correlated with meanness and cussing. For adolescents there is research evidence of the correlations of exposure to swearing in television programs and video games and to teens adopting coarse language and aggressive behavior according to a study published in the journal Pediatrics. 

Parents, guardians, and those in loco parentis need to guide children and youth and to help them navigate safely through developmental stages with appropriate media choices to safe-guard development of their brains and social behaviors.  Parents, guardians, and supervisors can also role model healthy choices, values, and behaviors themselves and can provide other role models viscerally and virtually of healthy attitudes and actions. Parents, guardians, and those in loco parentis need to guide the exposure of young people to good role models in media and in their everyday lives.

Charlie with Golden Ticket (1)

Charlie holds a golden Willy Wonka ticket with a surprised face : photo courtesy Warner Brothers

There is an ongoing Renaissance of artistry and Reformation of content in media production that includes the following: age-suitability, honest but redemptive content, and role-modeling of good behaviors. Good movies and other media production continues to persist and prevail, especially with ongoing support of consumers; but supervisors of youth must access the good media and guard from the bad. 

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