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Last edited on: April 7, 2016.

We can change our culture and must continue to use tools available to do so in civil and responsible ways. On April 6, Business News Wire reports, that a new Nielsen study has found that “…ads seen in TV-G rated programming score substantially higher in generating attention and purchase intent than commercials appearing in television shows with TV-14 and TV-MA ratings…” The Family Entertainment Brand Impact Study, conducted by Nielsen, used attitudinal and biometric methodologies to better understand how individuals respond to advertising placed in breaks around different types of content. Commercials running in a TV-G family programming environment scored 27 percent higher among all viewers across various attributes, which included interest in products, attention to brands and purchase intent across all demographics.

The study has been commissioned by Scripps Networks Interactive and UP TV. “Our audiences are among the most receptive in all of television viewing, and our programming provides a trusted and engaging atmosphere for families and for brands…We’ve always known there’s a powerful connection between our shows and ads, and this study helps to explain exactly why,.” states Chris Ryan, senior vice president of ad sales research for Scripps Networks Interactive, parent company of HGTV and Food Network. “There is one very clear takeaway from these studies: People react more positively to ads running in TV-G environments,” says Ron Plante, svp audience research and strategy, UP. “I think it’s fair to say that advertising in family programming makes too much business sense to ignore.”

Peanuts movie 3

Charlie Brown and Lucy in “The Peanuts Movie (2015)” : Photo courtesy Blue Sky Studios

Scripps Networks Interactive and UP provide TV-G programming with broad family appeal. Scripps Networks is a leading developer of engaging lifestyle content for home, food and travel categories for TV, WWW, and emerging platforms. UP is committed to developing and acquiring programs for families.

Consumer support for worthwhile TV, movies, and other media is more significant today than ever. Consumer statistics have shown that good family and redemptive movies have demonstrated consumer support and staying power for many years. Today, when expressions of traditional family values are limited in many public arenas they are less limited in movies, television, and streaming media where there is consumer support. We have been witnessing a social trend in which a new morality has been developing that values tolerance and inclusion. However, this social trend is often not inclusive or tolerant when it comes to traditional family values in many public spaces, except where there is consumer support. Therefore, we see more open expressions of traditional family values where there is consumer support.

Consumers can express their support in many ways: sales, reviews, ratings, as well as visits to IMDb (internet movie database for films and TV). Thankfully, there is an openness and significant value placed on consumer feedback for ads, products, and services. Many online ads today provide user-friendly online feedback tools. Currently, streaming services such as Netflix and others provide feedback tools to review and rate their products. This feedback is considered as streaming services determine what products to keep and which to eliminate. The same is true of television programs where viewership numbers influence what is continued or stopped.

Peanuts movie 1

Charlie Brown and Peppermint Patty in “The Peanuts Movie (2015) : photo courtesy Blue Sky Studios.

Consumers have clout. It is important that we use the simple tools available today to exercise that clout! Can we change our culture? Yes, we can change our culture with simple-to-use online tools and with what we choose to patronize and support.

We need active, civil, social responsibility today more than ever. Light overcomes darkness; but Light must shine into the darkness and keep shining to overcome it!


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