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Last edited on: May 11, 2016.

It is encouraging to see that many consumers are making good choices in what they choose to watch, because what we view affects our brains, bodies, and behaviors.  On May 9, ON DVD Release reports that Zootopia continues as an overall, top-selling DVD. War Room remains a top-selling DVD in the African American category. In the animation category, The Good Dinosaur  continues as a top-selling DVD. In in the drama category Miracles From Heaven and God’s Not Dead 2 continue as top-selling DVDs even in pre-order (because they are still strong in theaters).

Risen and  Young Messiah are also top-selling DVDs even in pre-release (because they are still in theaters). Risen also continues as a top-seller in the mystery category, Woodlawn remains a top-selling DVD in the sports category. Christian reports on May 9 that top-selling DVDs include Dolly Parton’s Coat of Many Colors, God’s Compass,  and  Love Different.

Dolly Parton - Coat of Many Colors

Dolly Parton’s ‘Coat of Many Colors’ tells the story of Dolly Parton’s childhood and the struggles her family faced : photo courtesy Warner Brothers

All of these movies and many like them provide role models that can encourage development of many good traits as viewers observe and identify with them. Stories of role models in movies present struggles, development, and  growth of characters. We can watch characters as role models in their struggles: to answer questions about themselves or others, to make significant decisions, to overcome personal or cultural barriers, to contribute to society and more. Research evidence supports the idea that movies provide role modeling effects, which can influence motivation in audiences.

It is important to consider how movies, TV, and other media that we watch affect our brains, bodies, and behaviors. Movies can affect us emotionally and physiologically.  Much is at stake in what we choose to watch, especially with what we allow youth that we supervise to watch. It is cruel to abuse youth through exposure to profanity and other verbal abuse that shows disrespect, disregard, and desensitization to others.
Considering stages of development of those whom we supervise as we guide what they view is also important. Children under 7 or 8 are especially at risk because in most cases they have not yet developed their own consciences and are not easily able to discern fantasy from reality. Research has provided evidence that over-exposure to television with children under 7 or 8 has been correlated to attentional problems at age 7. Increasingly, children are at risk as their developing brains are over-exposed to too much adult content and technology on the following: cellphones, video games, computers, television, and on theater screens.

Photo Courtesy of

Roman Tribune, Clavius, and his partner, Lucius, investigate the resurrection of Jesus : photo courtesy Affirm Films.

Research has correlated overstimulation of developing brains and overexposure to technologies to the following: attention deficit, cognitive delays, impaired learning, increased impulsivity and decreased ability to self-regulate. Parents and guardians must be vigilant, knowledgeable, and careful today in their supervision of children as they guide them through various stages of development. Supervisors need to make sure that children are exposed to what is age-appropriate.

Many popular movies and television programs have elements of violence, language, and adult situations, which are not appropriate for children. Before viewing, it is wise, especially for parents and supervisors, to research good reviews before selecting what to watch. Fortunately, it is encouraging to see in tracking movie and DVD sales that many consumers and supervisors are making good choices of what they choose to watch or what they allow youth to see.

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