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Last edited on: June 27, 2016.

Animals can bring joy of innocence and childhood to families. On June 25, Arizona Central reported on summer camps with animals. Cameron Park Zoo, which is a zoo in a beautiful family park atmosphere, in Waco, Texas, provides zoo and summer adventure camps for kids.  YouTube, Netflix and other streaming services provide a plethora of heart-warming stories about summer, family and animals. Outdoor experiences and good stories enabling interactions with animals in real life, or in stories, can bring family joy and thrills. addresses why interactions with animals are good for kids. They report how relationships with animals facilitate the following: learning, nurturing, comforting, responsibility, healthy activity, family bonding and more. Kids and their relationships with animals help the adults in their lives to enjoy the wonder and beauty of nature and the out-of-doors.   

On June 23, The Deseret News issued a report entitled, “Netflix makes another serious bid to become the go-to streaming platform for families.” They state that last year Netflix usage accounted for close to 40 percent of internet traffic in North America. They say, “…The amount of family-oriented content available on the streaming platform contributes to its popularity… Netflix…has exclusive streaming rights to a large number of kid-friendly movies and TV shows.” They site The Washington Post, “…about half of Netflix’s 75 million subscribers regularly stream children’s TV shows and movies on the platform. Some top family animal movies on Netflix include: The Free Willy movies, The Dolphin Tale movies, Babe, The Black Stallion, Homeward Bound and much more.

Some top family, animals music videos on YouTube include: the song “Have You Seen My Childhood” featured in the Free Willy 2 movie; music with animals on zoo channel channels; “Milo and Otis” musical, video footage and much more.

Disney that has produced wonderful animal stories now has its hit The Jungle Book in theaters. For families with older kids, teens, and young adults, Ben-Hur will provide in August spectacular footage of caring, thrilling interactions with magnificent horses.

Enjoy the wonder and innocence of childhood with kids and even the thrill of interacting with animals this summer in special events and activities.

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