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Last edited on: June 18, 2016.

Universally relatable and encouraging to families everywhere, the new film, The Young Messiah, depicts Jesus as a child. On June 8, On DVD Release reported  that in the history category,  the singular movie for families, The Young Messiah, is a top-selling DVD. Now available on Netflix, Redbox and Amazon, this unique movie picturizes young Jesus of Nazareth with his family and their responses as they are in intense jeopardy, during the Roman occupation of Israel.

In an exclusive second interview with actor Cyrus Nowrasteh, who portrays the young Jesus, Sonoma Christian Home focuses on the unique service of The Young Messiah to families.


SCH: How does this movie relate universally to families? 

CN: In The Young Messiah, we see a family that loves and supports one another. They walk through life’s trials and challenges together. They care for extended family, and share life together. These qualities are universal to families.

SCH: How does it appeal to intergenerational families?

CN: The extended family, aunts and uncles, travel together back to the Holy Land where they are met by their family matriarch, Old Sarah, in Nazareth. There is obviously great love and togetherness in this family. From the grandmother down to the youngest child.

SCH: How does the movie appeal to Jewish families?

CN: Jewish families will recognize the rituals and traditions of the Jewish family in The Young Messiah, the importance of these rituals and traditions to the family dynamic. We also see the importance of Passover to this Jewish family.

SCH: How does the film appeal to Christian families?

CN: Christians are obviously drawn to any story depicting Jesus and the Holy Family. For them, also, the burden of Joseph and Mary to raise the young Messiah, the Son of God, to ensure that he has a safe and normal childhood. Also, we strove very hard to remain faithful to the Bible — even though this story is not based on the Bible — by remaining true to the character of Jesus as he is revealed in the Bible. So as we considered how Jesus, Joseph, and Mary would react to a situation in his childhood, we looked at what the Bible tells us about how he reacted to similar situations as an adult.
SCH: How does it appeal to families of other faiths?

CN: I think the aspects that appeal universally to families across-the-board will appeal to families of other faiths. All families who love and need one another can relate. And they can apply the lessons and depictions in this movie to their faith.

SCH: How is the Messiah as a child a role model for children?

CN: Young Jesus is respectful of his parents and extended family. He’s also a curious child who is driven by his faith and love of God. I think our young Messiah is a fine example for children.

SCH: How are Jesus’ parents role models?

CN: Joseph and Mary nurture their child Jesus, while knowing he has an incredible destiny. They have a responsibility to protect and educate him — and love one another and the rest of the family. To be examples.

SCH: How can this movie serve as a valuable discussion tool for families and groups?

CN: For many of the reasons stated earlier, there’s much to discuss about this family, how they treat and respect one another. How they make it through difficult times and danger together.

SCH: What does this movie demonstrate about families?

CN: That by sticking together, parents, children, and extended family can make it through an uncertain world.

SCH: How is this movie unique for families?

CN: No film has ever dared to depict the childhood of young Jesus as this film has attempted to do, albeit with respect and reverence. This portion of Jesus’ life has never been focused on before. It is the greatest story never told.



The Young Messiah website presents video clips and extra resources including a small group discussion guide. WingClips also provides a wonderful church study guide that will foster family-centered conversations about Jesus and his own family.



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