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Last edited on: September 19, 2016.

Many movies covered by Sonoma Christian Home in exclusive interviews, stories, and photos as well as trailers, have prevailed in theaters and on DVDs. Sonoma Christian Home continues to report on the redemptive family movies that prevail as top-selling DVDs in the fourth week of September. On September 19, On DVD Release reports that ‘Finding Dory’ remains a top-selling DVD, even in pre-release, among traditional family animated movies.

‘War Room’, now on DVD, prevails as a top-selling DVD in the African-American and drama categories. In the biography, sports, and family categories, ‘Greater’, that is currently in limited release, is the top-selling DVD in pre-release (due for release in December). ‘Sully’ is now also top-selling DVD in pre-release in the biography category.

In the sports category, ‘Woodlawn’, now on DVD, prevails as a top-seller in the sports category. ‘Hillsong – Let Hope Rise’, is a top-selling DVD in pre-release in the documentary category. ‘Jungle Book’ continues as a top-selling DVD in pre-release in the fantasy category.

‘Ben-Hur’ is a top-selling DVD in pre-release in the history and drama categories. It is still in theaters. This movie is PG-13 due to the Roman brutality, but it is appropriate for teens through adults. This movie takes place during the Roman occupation of Jerusalem and the last days of Christ. It one of the best Christian movies in modern times.

Thus, top pick family movies on DVDs for the fourth week of September are ‘Woodlawn’ and ‘War Room’. Top pick family movies in pre-release as DVDs for the fourth week September are ‘Ben-Hur’, ‘Greater’, and ‘Finding Dory’. See more about these movies and other redemptive family films on Sonoma Christian Home.




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