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Last edited on: November 3, 2016.

Pope Francis gave a blessing to the director and lead actress of the new Christian movie The Second Coming of Christ, due to premier in 2017.


On Wednesday October 26, 2016, Pope Francis gave His blessing to the new Christian feature film The Second Coming of Christ. The film’s message is that only through Faith and Love, can humanity save itself.

Produced in Hollywood and slated to premiere in March of 2017, the Romanian American film’s director/ producer Daniel Anghelcev and writer/actress Diana Angelson traveled from Los Angeles to the Vatican City to receive the Holy Blessing. Italian composer Silvia Leonetti was also present as Pope Francis warmly shook their hands and embraced them, as they exchanged gifts.

Anghelcev and Angelson, both Christian Orthodox filmmakers, discussed their hope that the Holy Father can bring back unity to their Churches and among all Christians around the world.

Leonetti expressed her gratitude as she talked to His Sanctity and received the Holy Blessing for having created the scores of two Christian movies at a very young age.

The Apocalyptical film, which also received the “Family Approved” seal from the Dove Foundation, shares the gripping yet inspirational story of an atheist female scientist, who turns into a believer, as the world is on the brink of extinction due to years of genetically modified foods.

The meeting was covered by the official newspaper of Vatican, “L’Osservatore Romano,” which quoted the film’s mission, that of bringing Faith back to a society that thinks it can do better without God. (“The Second Coming of Christ è invece il film che due registi ortodossi romeni, Diana Angelson e Daniel Anghelcev, hanno girato “per parlare di fede, perdono e unione tra le persone.” La pellicola, raccontano sempre a L’Osservatore Romano, “è nata nella comunità ortodossa a Los Angeles e ora si sta diffondendo nel mondo di Hollywood invitando i cristiani a testimoniare insieme la fede nel contesto di una società che sembrerebbe voler fare a meno di Dio.”)

“We are humbled and honored to have personally met and received the blessing of Pope Francis,” said Anghelcev. “It is with great pride and anticipation that we now look forward to sharing The Second Coming of Christ and its important message with a worldwide audience.”

The Second Coming of Christ, which marks the directorial debut of Anghelcev was produced by Anghelcev’s Flawless Productions along with 7Heaven Productions and FilmBrewery.

Family Inspired Entertainment is serving as the film’s sales agent during the American Film Market (AFM) which begins November 4, 2016 in Santa Monica, CA.  There buyers from around the world have the opportunity to secure rights for domestic and International distribution.

The Second Coming Of Christ (2017) Trailer HD from Daniel A. on Vimeo.


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