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Last edited on: January 18, 2017.

Dr. Tony Evans New Novel ‘The Legacy of Nobody Smith’. The book, written by Leslie Basil Payne, follows the true story of Dr. Tony Evans’ uncle, and his pursuit of significance. With a forward by Evans, the novel is a chronicle of one man’s journey to faith, love, and purpose.

Like the most recent Smithsonian museum that chronicles the African American experience, a new biographical novel tackles concentric themes – the triumph of spirituality and significance over racism and poverty. Set in Baltimore at the dawn of the Civil Rights movement, “The Legacy of Nobody Smith” traces one man’s rise to influence despite tremendous odds.

Dr. Tony Evans penned the foreword as a tribute to the life of his uncle, Reverend James “Smitty” Smith, who loved him as the “son he never had” and served as a mentor to Evans in his ministry.

The Legacy of Nobody Smith

The Legacy of Nobody Smith, available at Amazon and other retailers.

Smitty’s story begins in Sandtown – one of Baltimore’s poorest neighborhoods – during the Great Depression. Young Smitty knows only the love of family and little of the ugliness that waits beyond his insulated existence. But when he discovers the secrets surrounding his unwanted birth, he enters manhood broken and bitter. Without sugarcoating the struggle, “The Legacy of Nobody Smith” delivers a heartwarming, true account of a faith strong enough to conquer bitterness and hardship while changing countless lives along the way.

Leslie Basil Payne’s first novel weaves a uniquely American tale – of the values of hard work and family – into an inspiring victory over brokenness and the divisive grip of discrimination. We learn about the courage it takes to hope. And in a surprising twist only God could orchestrate, Smitty’s journey ultimately leads to freedom.

“You will love Smitty!” says Payne. “He told his story with gratefulness and joy even though parts were extremely painful. The young nobody who knelt shining shoes became a man who stood for the Lord. His life proves anyone can find significance as God’s child.”

Like his uncle, Dr. Evans is committed to reaching others with a transforming message of hope. “God made you on purpose for a purpose,” he says. “His plan for you is bigger than you dare imagine.” Through The Urban Alternative, Tony’s own legacy is to teach people from all backgrounds to discover their God-given purpose by submitting to God’s rule in every area of life.

Proceeds benefit The Urban Alternative and The Helping Up Mission a ministry for homeless men in Baltimore.

To find more about the book, visit the author’s website.




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