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Last edited on: March 2, 2017.

Dr. Ben Carson, your former National Chairman of My Faith Votes, has just been confirmed as the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Now, we must join with thousand of other people of faith and pray for him as he embarks with President Trump on a journey to make America great again!

To witness how the Lord can transform a struggling 14-year-old boy growing up impoverished in the inner-city of Detroit… to one of the world’s leading pediatric neurosurgeons… and now to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for President Donald Trump… is to witness the American dream coming to life before our eyes.

Dr. Carson’s deep hope for our nation’s future is what motivated him to enter the political arena. As a consistent champion for biblical values, he fights for the…

·         Protection of religious freedom

·         Protection of the the dignity and sanctity of life

·         Promotion of strong families and marriages

·         Promotion of compassion and support for those in need

 As Dr. Carson says,

“This moment in history is perhaps the most critical period in the history of the United States. People of faith can make the difference. If anyone is going to define the culture that we live in, and the direction of our nation, it is us.”

Dr. Carson has fought and will continue to fight great opposition as he steps into this role, so we want to fight on our knees for him. That’s why we’re reaching out to you to prayerfully support Dr. Carson through this critical time.

Will you rally behind Ben? POST a PRAYER at My Faith Votes to share with Dr. Carson!

Your prayer, along with thousand of others, will be gathered and presented to Dr. Carson as an enduring source of spiritual encouragement and empowerment to press into our shared future of faith.

Your faith matters now more than ever. Post a Prayer for Dr. Carson today!


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