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Last edited on: March 2, 2017.

Streaming Service ‘Christian Cinema’ has some big news for customers! The world’s largest library of Christian and family films just became easier to access thanks to the new release of Christian Cinema’s iOS app for Apple devices. Christian Cinema continues their push to use the latest technology to make faith films available to the world. The latest in Christian films can now be streamed through Christian Cinema’s iOS app joining a suite of apps for web-enabled laptops, computers, mobile phones, tablets, and streaming devices like Apple TV and Roku. Christian Cinema powers the only digital platform for the Christian market to buy and rent movies. According to Faith Driven Global, the faith consumer market consists of more than 41 million people with $2 trillion in annual spending power.

“Christian Cinema is the DVD replacement solution for Christian consumers. We have assembled the best films from top Christian filmmakers, all in one place,” said Bobby Downes, founder and CEO of Christian Cinema, which weekly adds the latest dramas, documentaries, short films, educational videos, and more. “This just made watching faith and family films even easier for Apple mobile users.”

Jared Geesey, Vice President of Christian Cinema, explained, “This new iOS app enables our customers to access their existing movie library and rentals purchased online at or through the Apple TV and Roku apps. Through the app, users can watch a trailer, read reviews, rate films and manage their list of favorites.”


Christian Cinema’s iOS app most notably adds the option for offline viewing of their movie library, a first for digital platforms exclusively featuring faith and family content. This means that consumers no longer have to rely on intermittent Wi-Fi or plug in to access the movies they have rented or purchased. Consumers can watch in the car, plane, or on the go without an internet connection or using costly mobile plan data.

“Movie libraries are now more accessible,” added Downes. “The iOS app allows users to bring faith-and-family content into the home for family viewing and on the go to provide faithful encouragement wherever the audience takes them. No more scratched or broken DVDs to deal with or lug around, no more viewing movies in low quality Standard Definition. We’re proud to be on the forefront of faith-based film distribution and retail with apps that make a difference.”


About Christian Cinema:
Founded in 1999, when video stores rarely carried faith films, Bobby Downes co-founded Christian Cinema to connect independent Christian filmmakers to their audiences. The site is now the world’s largest selection of faith-affirming and family-approved films on the Internet, hosting over 5,000 movie titles in its database. What began with the sale of just one movie has now grown into a digital video streaming platform serving millions of people. Consumers finally have a reliable source for faith-based films that are pre-screened and curated to ensure a Biblical worldview. To further the goal of connecting filmmakers and audiences, Christian Cinema also carries movie reviews, news articles featuring interviews with filmmakers, and a weekly newsletter that serves a variety of industry leaders. Bobby Downes and Vice President Jared Geesey spent the last two decades developing relationships with filmmakers, retailers, and distributors, whom they now serve with up-to-date movie news, an industry release calendar, a barometer for gauging each week’s most popular movies, and the promotion of films to an audience of 400,000+ social media followers and 135,000 weekly email recipients!


To find out more about Christian Cinema’s service, visit their official website!

Also be sure to visit Christian Cinema on Twitter and Facebook!





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