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Last edited on: April 19, 2017.

The latest Chonda Pierce film will be in theaters April 25th! Popular Christian comedian Chonda Pierce built her career by being “real”. She shares her heart, talks about serious issues, and somehow manages to blend it all with humor.

Chonda’s previous film, Laughing In The Dark, became a best-selling DVD, and encourages Christians worldwide. In her new documentary, simply titled Enough, Chonda continues to share her life story – and the story of every woman.

It is Chonda’s prayer that Enough will help women to be freed from their past. She hopes it will help them discover who they are in Christ, and recover from anything they’ve been dealing with. It’s an inspiring film, that holds the strong message of hope because of Jesus. Also, Chonda’s trademark humor and extraordinary story are weaved throughout the film.

In a time when women from every walk of life are feeling socially disconnected, despite the insane amount of conversation and connection taking place in social media spaces, Enough will give women a new perspective on life, and encourage them greatly.

Just imagine! Enough will be in nearly 1,000 theaters in April, and women who can relate to her closely will be laughing, crying and cheering with Chonda. This film could be the start of a revival. Christian women will be inspired to reach out to one another, inspire each other, and understand what each other are going through. It can bring unity to America. It carries the message of hope that so many need to hear. Ultimately, it all hinges on what God decides. Lord willing, God will use Chonda’s story to touch many lives, and draw them nearer to Him.

Christ is THE “enough”, and everyone who watches the film will leave the theater knowing that!

To find out more about the film, visit Enough’s official website!




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