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Last edited on: July 17, 2017.


Golden-Globe winning actor Oscar Isaac stars as Michael Boghosian, a medical student who has come to the vibrant city of Constantinople in 1914, determined to bring modern medicine back his ancestral village in the epic and poignant new film The Promise, set during the Ottoman Empire.

While in Constantinople, Michael meets and befriends photo-journalist Chris Myers (played by Christian Bale) and Ana (Charlotte le Bon), a beautiful and intelligent Armenian artist from Paris.  Both men spark an attraction that explodes into a romantic rivalry.

Their conflicting passions must be deferred when the Ottoman Empire turns violently against its own ethnic and religious minorities.  Michael, Chris, and Ana must join forces to survive the events that threaten to overwhelm them, and the injustice and persecution of Christians throughout the Empire.

The Promise is coming to DVD July 18th! It will be available in stores like WalMart worldwide, so if you’re looking for a family movie-night, look no further!

The Promise stars Christian Bale (Batman), Oscar Isaac (X-men: Apocalypse) and Charlotte Le Bon (The Hundred-Foot Journey), and arrives in theatres April 21st. The Promise is directed by Academy-Award winner Terry George (Hotel Rwanda, Hart’s War).


To find out more about The Promise, visit Survival Pictures.

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