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Erica Galindo
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Last edited on: August 29, 2017.

Christ’s love shines even when darkness seems overwhelming.

Hurricane Harvey, which hit the Gulf Coast recently, has had a devastating impact already. There has been an enormous amount of housing, road, and infrastructure damage. Worst of all, 13 human lives have been lost as a result of the hurricane.

So, how is God’s love shining through?

This video shows a rescue team and their work saving people from the floods in the area. These people are real heroes. Whatever the motivation, they are showing victims that there is hope, even in times like this. Victims are able to experience a glimpse of who Jesus.

What can Christians do? We can support the rescue efforts. There are numerous organizations providing aid to the region after the natural disaster. We can reach out to the individuals and families who have been impacted – and show them Christ’s love. Lastly, we can pray that victims of the disaster will realize how temporary life is, how sinful they are, and how gracious God is.

There is hope.



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